Let’s start a cooperative


I’m 100% serious.

I was imagining a loose collective (perhaps with tighter subgroups) which would provide channels for collaboration and a standard set of practices for dealing with distributing profits.

I think most all of us are operating without funding, for instance, but we may want to collaborate in an ethical way anyway. I want to figure out what that looks like so that future collaboration is easier.


The two tasks I see as being important at this stage:

  1. create a directory of members which lists their skills and availability and interests.
  2. Draft up a set of governing rules.


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I think I would like to make a videogame where Shrug is the narrator.


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That wasn’t very cheerful of me but it comes from a place of love i promise


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is working with the incredible toups brothers not enough???


hi i’m meauxdal and i can make music if music is needed?


I think this is a really cool idea, but I’m probably too much of a headstrong do-it-yourselfer/idiosyncratic solo designer to be a real functional part of a cooperative when it comes to design and programming (in Game Maker, which is the extent of my abilities). I think it’d be fun to collaborate with a musician/artist/writer on a specific project some time maybe though.


i can make music sometimes btw, if you need chiptunes from beepbox



Oh yeah, I guess I make stuff in MagickaVoxel a lot now too, as I am already doing for a friend’s game.


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I was thinking about this today. I’m down to cooperate but what does it look like in practice? Suppose we actually make something and want to sell it do we need to incorporate? And if so, in which locations and so on. I know in Oklahoma the cost to incorporate a business is $100-150. Should a bunch of us incorporate in a bunch of locations and then treat the whole thing like a syndicate or should we pool resources to incorporate in a single location.

On the creative/productive end of it I thought it might be cool to do like a weekly/monthly game jam/art slam where we challenge ourselves to make something by a set deadline (like the end of the week/month) and regardless if we made the deadline or not to show everything we worked on and talk about it and stuff. That way no matter what every week/month there’s a new crop of art/code/whatever to talk about and learn from and help each other with and stuff. And then that can inform the next goal for the next week’s/month’s deadline.


On a more serious note I think it might bode ill that I still have no idea what this hypothetical cooperative is even, like. For?