Let’s start a cooperative


Let’s do it. Please post if you are interested and what skills you have that could be useful.


I am an exquisite cheerleader


Awesome, you’re in!


good at videogames


Also awesome, welcome!


Dearest Mr Vincent Toups, do you want to make a 7DRL with me?


Sound casting and musicks, novice with intermediate spikes.


shitposting mostly but I guess I can make music and code


Terrible at videogames


The cooperative I just joined wants to


Also useful, come on in!


I…uh…write technical documentation and record podcasts.


I’m decent at basketball


mediocre knifemaker

even more mediocrer general blacksmith

my cats love me


Seems like the blacksmith simulation genre is well filled but still, welcome aboard.


i’m hot and experienced with caring for diabetic cats


Ankle-deep polymath, I’ve spent my life voraciously devouring information about a vast array of different fields and disciplines. I know the basics of many things.

Core skills include involuntary spacing out at random intervals, feeling tired (as in sleepy, but also drained of energy) at all times, incapability of taking anything seriously, and I am a world-class expert at self-deprecation and sabotage.

Also apparently everyone who knows me is baffled by my ability to see connections between things, whether physical (good at assembling machines/contraptions/whatever from parts without instructions) or conceptual (natural predisposition towards Assembly languages, analysis of systems), although I don’t really feel like it’s all that special.


i used to be decent at basketball


My skills are I’m the best


Geeze, Joestar, sounds likes you should join this Cooperative AND that we should be friends.