LEGO is on some warhammer 40k shit (mikey posting alone)






oh for the love of


Jesus Christ these little dioramas are giving me the vapors







And enjoy.



All the Microscale, all the time


I don’t comment on this thread a lot, but god, these are so good


makes ya wanna harvest some Lego wheat of your own


Makes me wanna go take back the bricks I gave to my nephew!


I’m thinking about designing something using the LEGO Digital Designer, buying the individual pieces needed from the website and putting together my own custom build. You used to be able to order your custom designs direct but they stopped that doing that a while ago.

I haven’t really settled yet on something I want to build bad enough to go to all that effort though.


Merry Bricksmas


there’s an (unofficial) shop in my town that only sells lego. i should probably go in there some day. i don’t know how they stay open because it always looks empty, but they’ve been there for at least 2 years now

i guess they must have regualrs who come in to buy big expensive sets or something


Maybe a thriving online/eBay storefront? Or maybe a passion project for someone that’s successful in another business.

Out in Ohio there’s an unofficial Lego museum I visited once that operates out of a former school


Or someone’s using it as a front to launder money!

Nah I bet they’re probably just small business owners who do really, really well during the holidays and then just kind of tread water the rest of the year. Or the majority of their business is online, yeah.




Obligatory micro-scale shot, also of Star Wars.