It got late so I bounced. I was not ready for all that hot Ewok action. Great commercials would watch again.


Yub yub commander.


Oh no

Wait, can I roleplay a hovertank??


I am kinda sad I missed these. I had them both taped to Beta from TV when I was a kid and I barely remember them at all.


Ok so this Thursday, starting at six, I’m just going to play a fuckton of Exo Squad. I have no grand plan, just a bunch of Exo Squad. This is entirely because I want some of the people who are going to do the Genesis/Megadrive podcast to see Exo Squad.

And if you want to come along for the ride, you can join us.

I’ll be showing this shit 6pst/9est, Thursday, the 7th. See you there maybe?


Exo squad is good

Doesn’t it cross over with some other mecha property?


They made a toyline that featured stuff from ‘robotech’ but I don’t think the show does.



This is going down TONIGHT


Jeez way to call out the only one of the good guy figures I ever owned. Of course I owned the big slob dude.


I like bronsky. His levels are the best part of the genesis game!


It’s almost time to Exo Squad!


You saw it in the Pulled through the fourth wall thread, now, experience the TV show…


It’s the fake cartoon you’d see in another kid’s series, or a video game. But real.

The show featured five heroes, named the Skysurfers, which protected the world from the vile Cybron and his bio-borgs. The Skysurfers used technologically advanced watches that transformed them from their casual clothing to their battle attire and weapons, similar to the Choujin Sentai Jetman. During the transformations, their cars transform into rocket-powered surfboards that they can ride in the air.

The story begins when a mysterious explosion causes the destruction of an artificial intelligence lab that kills scientist, Adam Hollister, he himself is framed for causing. His son, Jack, sets out to prove his father’s innocence. He believes that someone else had caused the explosion, and had stolen an experimental computer brain from it. The man who stole the computer brain merged it with his own, turning him into the master criminal known as Cybron. To fight Cybron and his evil bio-borgs, Jack Hollister and his four friends become the Skysurfers.

But that alone will not do, no no no, I’m going to serve up a mixture of secret TV shows, all built around the theme of ‘TV series based on obscure toylines primarily about flying’. We’ll see toys from both boy and girl toy aisles represented.

Fly high with us Thursday, March 28th, Main show (SKYSURFERS) will start 6pst/9est, with a very special preshow at 5pst/8est.


I have this on DVD


I have been so distracted by gender that I have completely forgot to hype this more than the first post!

Tonight in the anime club gay watch, I will be officiating a night of animated (and perhaps even love action) treasures featuring tv shows based on toy lines built around flying.

I had too much material

Please, attend tonight, March at 6pst/9est, With a special live action preshow! Hope to see you right there!




The preshow is 5pst/8est to be precise!


Half an hour until the pre-show starts!


Get into the Gay-Watch, we’re starting the presow very soon!

Watch with us here:


Captain Power is the preshow! Whatch it with us:


More of the shockingly dark children’s toy commercial Captain Power, and then…skysurfer strike force at long last!