Kids Club is supressing labor uprisings using mecha with the EXO SQUAD Thursday, FEB 7th, 6pst/9est!


It got late so I bounced. I was not ready for all that hot Ewok action. Great commercials would watch again.


Yub yub commander.


Oh no

Wait, can I roleplay a hovertank??


I am kinda sad I missed these. I had them both taped to Beta from TV when I was a kid and I barely remember them at all.


Ok so this Thursday, starting at six, I’m just going to play a fuckton of Exo Squad. I have no grand plan, just a bunch of Exo Squad. This is entirely because I want some of the people who are going to do the Genesis/Megadrive podcast to see Exo Squad.

And if you want to come along for the ride, you can join us.

I’ll be showing this shit 6pst/9est, Thursday, the 7th. See you there maybe?


Exo squad is good

Doesn’t it cross over with some other mecha property?


They made a toyline that featured stuff from ‘robotech’ but I don’t think the show does.



This is going down TONIGHT


Jeez way to call out the only one of the good guy figures I ever owned. Of course I owned the big slob dude.


I like bronsky. His levels are the best part of the genesis game!


It’s almost time to Exo Squad!