Kids Club is supressing labor uprisings using mecha with the EXO SQUAD Thursday, FEB 7th, 6pst/9est!


Lock up the adults, stay up past your bedtime, murder local criminals just trying to break and enter while your parents are away:


Select Button’s new home for children’s media. Watch the most bafflingly strange movies ever allegedly made for kids and families. There is such a vast swath of kids and family movies to explore, both good and incredible.

I’ve already got a few weeks lined up as I write this intro post, and I know for a fact that there’s more than a few ideas folks other than me have that would fit right in.

Without further adieu, the next post will give all the details for the actual first night


Getting the Band Together

For our first adventure into the world of strange and obscure children’s media, we’re going to rock out. Both of the features tonight feature the trials and tribulations of rock bands threatened by sinister technological forces set to use their musical prowess for their own profit.


This is sort of a continuation, and sort of a remake of the 80s era of the Gumby show. This was supposed to drum up interest in a 90s gumby revival but was a financial disaster that went straight to video after a very small theatrical run.

This movie has everything: Robots, Spaceships, Knights, Body Horror, Two entirely different music videos, a Groucho marx of clone of dubious accuracy and legality, totally unexplained canine supernatural powers, and much much more!

This zero budget movie is a legitimate nostalgic choice for me. It’s also a non stop barrage of stream of consciousness weirdness that’s sure to fascinate and terrify you.


A small town band of mutated animal people in a techno fantasy post apocalyptic future makes a deal with a devilish record executive. Produced by Nelvana, this is one of the many films that have attempted to beat Disney by going for a more ‘adult’ tone over the years. Rock & Rule has some killer art direction mixed with a bafflingly star studded soundtrack featuring Debbie Harry, Lou Reed, Earth Wind and Fire, Iggy Pop, and Cheap Trick!

(Yes we are watching the uncensored Canadian version, which technically isn’t kid friendly, it was easier to do that than find a second stop motion film that wasn’t screamingly racist or complete themstic whiplash from Gumby: The Movie)

All that, and a preshow featuring a few on theme surprises!

Things start rocking on Wednesday, January the 16th with a preshow at 5pst/8est, with the first feature starting at 6pst/9est.

Come to the place a kid…can be a kid. Attend Kids Club.


You all need to watch that Raggedy Ann and Andy movie and find out how fucked up kid me got after that. Because damn. Y’all. That movie.

But Rock and Rule is great shit.


Rest assured, Ragady Ann and Andy is on the docket for a future night. That was one of the movies I specifically had in mind when thinking about this Kids Club stuff. I might pair it with Waterbabies for a ‘movies Tiger thought they hallucinated for years’ night. But I might find something better by the time I get around to it.


Just a reminder that this is happening in less than an hour!. We’ll start off with a preshow of shorter material I collected to fit the theme, and will start the actual movies at 6pst/9est.

Hope to see you there!


Preshow begins…now:




Is this gonna happen again some time? I want to make my wife watch weird kids movies (I would have last night but I was working (barf))


I’m planning to do it every two weeks or so, I’ve got firm plans for the next one and looser plans for future ones.


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away, they made a bunch of Star Wars stuff outside of the mainline movies. This thursday, we’re going to dive head first into the magical world of the formerly canonical in Star Wars.

Preshow: DROIDS
R2D2 and C-3PO get in trouble again as they face a cavalcade of 1980s space cartoon villains as could only be animated by those masters of mediocrity, Nelvana. Serving as sort of prequel/continuation of the animated sequence from The Star Wars Holiday Special, droids is a surprisingly serialized origin story for everyone’s favorite gay robot couple. Featuring the REAL voice of Anthony Daniels, and a theme song by The Police.

The Ewok Adventure: Caravan of Courage

Once upon a time George Lucas decided ‘Hey, lets do some Star Wars made for TV movies in my back yard starring the murder teddy bears’ and the Ewok movies were born. The first one sees Cindel and Mace cross through at least three different locations in a redwood forrest several times in order to save their parents from an ogre. There’s magic items, fairies, and cursed ponds, just like in all you favorite theatrical Star Wars movies!

The Ewok Adventure: Battle For Endor

Wilford Brimley is in this one. He plays a dude named Noa, and he he needs a Space Battery for his Space Ship: The only problem? There’s an orc army with a witch who stole the only one on the planet. You know, the usual Star Wars stuff. Noa has a weird little space animal dude for a friend who is similar to, but distinct from, an Ewok.
Oh and Cindel and Wicket the Ewok are back too. I bet you’re super hype to hear that.

Get ready for a barrage of things that look suspiciously like special effects tests for Willow all while being subjected to the acting chops of like, a five year old and some kind of muppet wookie. You know Wilford Brimley will deliver the goods, though.

Join us, Thursday, the 31st at 6pst/9est, with a preshow at 5pst/8est!


I want in how do I join up explain it to me like I’m 85 years old


Go here:

Enter a username and hit enter. Then look just above where it says


Click there and follow the instructions then reload that first site and enter a username again and bam you’re watching anime with people.


I want to see Stalker but with ewoks


Quick reminder that this is TONIGHT!



Less than an hour now!


Come on in, folks. Star Wars is gonna happen. The preshow is starting:



@km @gary @Father.Torque I have bad news


The movies are going to be starting soon! Get on in here while I’m bombarding people with star wars commercials


Come see the Ewok Jedi.


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