Just make a game in June!


To paraphrase popular media, being disappointed in something is the first step toward being proud of something! Disappointment is a ubiquitous feature of my development process.


I agree with that and also I just wrote some design documentation and the last sentence I wrote is “what am I even doing”, so that went well


I am getting to this late, but I finally started work on this this afternoon.


So far, I’ve designed the main character, got her moving how I want her to, and set up a system for how to navigate from room to room (this last bit proved really time-consuming as somehow a certain variable kept getting overwritten and I never figured out how so I coded it in an entirely different, but ultimately more efficient, way).

I have also decided to shamelessly steal assets from some of my previous games. I see no reason to redraw a new set of bricks every time I want to make a game that’ll have bricks in it.

I still have no idea where this is going. I’ve got some ideas for what the first area might look like, but I’m not committing to anything.

Since I’m about a week late starting, I may give myself a full extra week to finish this. But I expect I’ll have something playable by the end of the month! More or less!


That looks sweet! Makes me feel nostalgic for the NES and I never even had one


I have been very depressed and dysfunctional and haven’t made any progress this week but I will go ahead and show what I have been working on: a mech game in the vain of Bubble Bobble/Snow Bros/NITD/etc

the robit is called CONCORDIA




Oh, damn! that robot sprite is amazing! I love the flickering jetpack effect.

I… I want to play this.

EDIT: In talking about the animation, I forgot to mention that movement looks tight as hell. It looks like it’s fun to move around in.


That’s extremely encouraging to hear, and I will do my best to deliver a polished experience by the end of the month


If you’re unsatisfied with the laws of motion and how rigid it is to change direction, you can use the current falling velocity as a scalar to the thrust: more thrust if you’re falling fast, to soften the physics.

Run it through an easing function or a curve for extra power!

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It’s April and I’m making a game about a tower this weekend


This looks rad as hell.


I got a late start but I’m making a Robotron-esque shooter in pico-8.


Will probably end up spawning enemies directly in waves in addition to the spawners.


This fucking rules. 100% always on board with more multidirection shooters

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Everything itt looks great, really digging the aesthetics


I checked on my ZZT world for the first time in ages and I don’t remember what the point of half the stuff was and none of my design notes make any sense either (and half of my notes have gone missing).

Well, at least I have a good skeleton to build off of.


Pretty productive tonight!

updated enemy ai so they chase and spread out better
updated character and enemies to be slightly bigger
enemies leave “oil” stains – stored in unused segments of memory copied directly to screen
make rainbow show up better in 30fps gif



This is about as far as I managed to get yesterday before crashing. None of the interesting mechanics and still a bit buggy. Not sure when I’ll have to work on this again before I need to present it.

The player sprite is a placeholder that I drew as an enemy, not sure what the real one will look like.
The postprocess shader I made for palletes ends up fucking with it a bit, I’m not too sure how to improve that besides draw thicker lines in the sprites themselves


Alright I should really be sleeping at this point but I wanted to finish this effect.

I think I like it but it definitely changes the tone!


De-rusting with KevEdit. That program is nice ‘n’ powerful, but does not have a friendly UI.

Made some minor alterations to the layout of the main board in my ZZT world. Apparently I basically haven’t touched this in over a year and a half. (Not shown: alterations to another board.)

29 Aug 2017


15 Apr 2019


I should make some sort of task list. I feel I should also get into the habit of short, semi-daily work sessions.


Looking snazzy! I like the key complex at the bottom of the screen.

Task lists have been very helpful to me in finishing projects.

Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask. Have you made ZZT games before? And if so, do you have a ZZTer name I would recognize you by? (I may have once known this and forgotten and if so I’m really sorry.)


I’ve dabbled with ZZT and lurked around the community since… like '98 or '99 I think, but I never actually joined the community under any name and I have never finished making a ZZT world (sorry). Most of my old 10% complete projects (uninspired riffs on Town of ZZT) seem to have gotten lost in migrating from one computer to another years back.

Making a whole ZZT world has been a goal of mine for decades by this point, so to finally have something approaching presentable feels exciting.