Just make a game in June!


We’re all born alone, we all die alone, and we all jam alone.


Music and sound is always in demand

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I don’t know the first thing about sfx and music and I think it would be hella cool to have that for a change!

I think we could make a good team, @Hache, @a_new_duck and @LaurelSoup. If @jsnlxndrlv wanted to work in a team we could be a five person team and if not then four people… That’s basically what I hoped for in terms of group size!

I can do a bit of Twine and Ren’Py. I like to write but I’m probably not the first choice with my English. I can do some pretty okay 3D renders and have some experience with Gimp. I’m willing to learn basically anything and I’d help out with whatever is needed. I’m looking to learn and grow, really…

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I’m totally down to make some sounds if they won’t disappoint anyone too much. Gives me a good reason not to take down all my synth gear from beside my bed.

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I think we need to be more confident. Like, we’re as good as we are right now, there’s nothing we can do about it other than get better and we do that through practice. I accept y’all the way you are and you’re all more skilled than me, that’s for sure. Let’s just have a good time. If we actually finish a project I consider that a massive success no matter what it looks like because most people don’t even get that far.


I appreciate this, but I think I’ll be going solo! I only know how to use Game Maker and I can be a bit of a control freak. I could probably do an in-person design collaboration over a weekend but I don’t know that I would do well in an online collaboration over a month. Sorry. But truly, thank you!


i’ll try to make a tiny little rpgmaker game since ive been wanting to for awhile! thats the only game making program i have any experience in lol


That’s cool, I totally understand that!

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When I had a college math class that required a TI-82, I didn’t do well in the class in part because I spent a lot of time during and outside of class writing what was basically a non-graphical Dragon Quest-style fight system. It sort of worked but my progress was halted when I ran out of memory.


I did the same thing. Had a combat system and leveling up implemented, with a bunch of monsters of increasing difficulty and rarity. Couldn’t figure out how to do more than have the character walk around an empty single screen waiting for a random battle though. I had seen other games use arrays for a super simple “tiled” map sort of thing but that was beyond me.


One of my early Flixel games was a point & click adventure very similar in style to an RPG Maker game, minus any sort of battle system. I used an array for the map. It’s something I might be able to help with, if you like.


If I ever dive back into TI-82 Basic I might have to track you down.


My schedule is probably gonna be pretty rocky, so I’m inclined toward working solo, myself. I thought I was going to use Twine, but after reading some old notes in the Cragne slack, I think I’m going to try Ink instead.

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Thanks for the heads-up on ink, this is really useful!

I once used Twine to script out a narrative game, but I couldn’t easily export the Twine data to XML… the fact that this is built with exporting in mind is a real boon.


Ink looks super cool.

I’m already having ideas for a game. They’re vague but something has been set in motion. It’s too early! I feel like a cheater now.

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Hello, KoP! I was gonna put this here earlier, but the last couple weeks have been positively frantic.

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I was hoping to take some time before April to get more comfortable with at least one gamemaking toolset, but I have not.

Let’s hear it for learning everything during the jam, BAYBEEEE!!


I did some preparing for the last 12 days, been learning how to do stuff with blueprints in Unreal Engine 4. I am still ill equipped to do anything with it but I’ll just roll with it.

I looked at Godot too but it doesn’t have a visual scripting language like Blueprint and from what I’ve read I’m not too certain its 3D environment is what I’d like to use. I’d use it for 2D stuff if I ever grow out of Construct 3 though.

But for now I say yes to bloat and will cobble something together in UE4 that will make use of almost nothing that engine offers!

I really want to make something that has more engaging gameplay than clicking through a visual novel. I never did that before. Now, nothing wrong with VNs! I love them but I want to challenge myself and not do what I’ve been doing for months already.

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Feeling conflicted because I said I would but this year may end up more like make a girl aesthetic in april but we’ll see how things are going.

I’d like games to be part of it though??

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I indeed did not disassemble my array of keyboards and mixers and whatnot.

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