Just make a game in June!

  • Sure, I’ll make a game
  • Hell no I won’t
  • I really want to, I don’t know if I’ll be capable of this
  • I really want to, but I don’t have any ideas for a game
  • I really want to, but April won’t work for me
  • I really want to, but I’m gonna flake out at the last minute
  • I don’t really want to, but I’m entertaining the possibility because life is an arbitrary parade of pointless exercises anyway
  • I don’t really want to, but I might be willing to provide some form of material assistance to somebody else’s game
  • I don’t really want to, but if somebody talked me into it I might participate
  • Option # 10: I have an opinion or a joke which I will communicate in a reply to this thread

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See topic, basically. I’m getting kinda bogged down in my current projects (haven’t made progress in my Cragne Manor thread since mid-January!), and sometimes the only way I can convince myself to get some momentum going again is to dive into something new as a palate cleanser.

To that end, I was thinking it might be fun to make a tiny little game, probably in Twine, and some of the recent conversation in places like the News thread and the Axe made me think it might be fun to invite others to do this with me. I guess this might technically count as a “game jam” if you wanted to make a big deal about it, but I was really just looking for an excuse to do this myself and see if anybody else was interested.


p.s. thread is moving to K.o.P. on 3/15 in all likelihood because some folks never look at the Axe


Already planning on participating in the Ludum Dare at the end of April so I’m making a game whether you like it or not

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Yeah I was saying in another thread that I’d like to do something like this with sbers… April sounds good!

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I want to about as much as I don’t want to, but April won’t work for me and I’m gonna flake out at the last minute


Honey I wouldn’t even make a game in June


winker option

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I haven’t made anything playable since my TI-82 days, but this could be a good excuse to hobble something together in one of the many games making programs I’ve dropped cash on.

If I can toss together a one dungeon Zelda 1 knock off with some wacky dialog accompanied by some ominious sounds, I’ll feel so accomplished.


I’ll probably be busy trying to find a job




you can check multiple boxes

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I had actually been thinking about a project that’d be fun to develop in a particular week-by-week monthlong cycle and I was thinking about doing it in April, so this is great!


I will probably have a lot of down time between when I graduate at the beginning of May and probably start work at the end of July and would definitely be down to help with something during that time
But in April I already have 3 game projects I have to do for school… Plus capstone plus thesis plus classes…


@jsnlxndrlv do you have a theme or idea in mind? Or is it too soon to talk about that?


Oh yeah, would you wanna do this with a theme? Or just do it SB 1.0 bakedown style?

Spoiler alert: I often drop jams with last-minute-announced themes. (But might make an exception for one at my e-home.)


After dropping HaxeFlixel, I’m basically at rock bottom when it comes to experience with a gamemaking toolset (other than bitsy and Twine).

I can’t promise I’ll make anything complex, but I’ll give it a shot.

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Complexity is def overrated.


Are we gonna do teams or do you guys want to work alone? Because I’d like to be part of a team…


I’d prefer to be a programmer on a team that needs one, but as I mentioned above, I’d just be a burden.


The project I was planning to do for this probably would definitely be something that I’d fly solo with. However, I rarely collaborate with people and it’d be fun to work with, like, an artist, musician, and/or writer on something.


Yeah, I don’t think I have any skills that would benefit a team aside from sound effects and music and most folks probably wouldn’t want even that.