Internet apocalypse averted

That Shadow of the Colossus technical postmortem seems to be gone from the internet. Does anyone remember what I’m talking about? IIRC it covered “impostors” and how they did motion blur.

This is terrifying. Does anyone have a saved copy or anything?

I think this might be it: (I mean, other than the fact it’s a dead link)

It has been entirely supplanted in the popular consciousness by the technical postmortem of a remaster on the vastly more capable PS4.


is it this?

GDC 2006

I don’t think so, but that does remind me that they also discussed IK for placing horse/people feet on the ground on hills…

IIRC it was all text, plus images for illustration.

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Actually that’s a really good lead though! Just found this (also dead, and also maybe what I was looking for)

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Found it! Thank you @meauxdal!

Not the prettiest version, but not going to complain.


that PDF also links to the original URL, which is archived via wayback:

most/all of the thumbnails were designed to link a higher resolution version upon click, but you might have to toggle between different archive dates to get some of them to load


i remember this very webpage!

Like, just WOW.
I’ve had two long discussions with a late friend of mine (who dabbled a bit in games programming) about the technical aspects they did show in the screenshots, or rather we were guessing what’s going on there… and that is a memory i’ve been recalling a few times since his death, so seeing that very webpage again makes me all moody and happy and remember the time we shared back then.

Thank you for finding that!
Gonna watch that GDC vid, don’t think i have seen that yet!