I'm making videos of old Mac games




I bought a Pippin.









Damn, some serious effort has gone into this thread.


It’s a good thread and these are good videos.

It has been both a nostalgia trip and educational!


Ah yes, the good old Klik n Play platformer. Love that all of them have an unintentional wall jump because KnP physics are bad.

I remember playing a game with a little guy that had a tin can head, and they incorporated the weird wall stickiness and wall jumping into the levels. It was pretty good.


I made another Klik N Play video since you all loved that one


Here I am at my most awkward


you are a goddamn hero


This is a good SB thread. I am going to post a ME TOO with this thing I made a year ago.


I’ve still been making videos, just not posting them here. Subscribe to me on youtube!!!



I regret nothing.




Did you know I’m still making these? I took a month off, now I’m back with a terrible beat 'em up