I'm making videos of old Mac games



too much nostalgia


my nostalgia bone would really appreciate a Power Pete video


I put a < clan tag> after my name in Avara but I didn’t have a real clan

I knew a guy who wanted to make an Avara E-ZINE and asked me to write the backpiece but then he never finished an issue? or I never finished an article? or both?!

Someone in an Avara match told me I was probably “like 30” based on my typing @ them when I was about 13

I never, ever paid for my copy of Avara (sorry Juri)


I’m doing all of Pangea’s older stuff eventually, though it may be a while because I didn’t play Power Pete that much so need to give it a good play.

Avara was a very important game to me, it’s where I got into design with level making, I even won a competition with one. I still hang out in an IRC server full of old players that used to be a Hotline server. A video of it is coming eventually, but I already uploaded some playthroughs of solo levels but I’m sure you knew that because you’re subscribed right??




That very short Spherules video has to be one of my favorite Let’s Play videos ever.






fond memories of being crushed by Scarab of Ra over and over as a young shrug


and TETRIS MAX was my first Tetris!

my mom was obsessed with it



The Crystal Quest guy liked my videos and I just helped him set up an emulator so he can play his own games for the first time in decades :slight_smile:

Scarab of Ra guy also really liked the video!

Making these people happy for a little while hopefully makes up for never paying a shareware fee.


you are doing satan’s work, keep it up


It’s amazing how people will come out of the woodwork to express their thanks for your appreciation of stuff most people have forgotten about. When I uploaded the Mr. Bones OST the youtube, the first to do so as far as I can tell, the dude who was Mr. Bones’ singing voice commented to say thanks. And then when I did my Unreal LP, one of the level designers, who designed probably my favorite levels in the game that I was raving about in the LP, commented to say thanks. I was super chuffed about it.


Crystal Quest guy keeps emailing me to tell me how much his new high score has crushed my one.

Also he helped me trouble shoot one of his other games so a video of Sky Shadow will be up in the near future.

Also it turns out were both at the Robotron retrospective at GDC that one time It’s his favourite game.