If I would have only known, I should have become a Pixel Game Maker MV

So at long last I worked through the top down tutorials for this bad boy yesterday. I thought to keep myself accountable and to maybe learn and hopefully share some things with the brain trust here, I’d start a thread.

For whatever reason the tutorials clicked with me better than whenever I last tried multimedia fusion or gamemaker, so I guess this is what I’m rolling with for the time being.

The AI for the sample enemy in the tutorial sucks but I have some ideas for how to improve it (like turn around if you run into a wall, goofus) which feels good since I’ve never written anything more complicated than a couple from scratch TI-82 games in high school or a Quake 1 mod based heavily on tutorials and some flat out outside help for the vector math. I’m going to play around with making that skeleton dog a bit more clever today and see how it comes out.

Since handling sprite sheets is something the tutorial unfortunately handwaves, I also imported @anothergod ’s lovely notzelda tiles and started assigning collision to them. Going through the process, I’m realizing I’m going to have to learn how to animate the water tiles (which doesn’t seem to work the way I expected it to), set up the logic to replace the closed door sprite with the open door one, and finally and maybe most importantly for my meager immediate expectations, figure out how to make walking behind the larger trees feel right.

I also though I’d try to strike out on my own and draw up a quick player in aesprite, but so far that’s just led to a lot of putzing around with converting photoshop palette files (because style is important!). My only experience with anything like that is the stamp feature in Mario Paint so I have some learning to do—although that aspect is a whole different thread. I’m surprised PGMMV doesn’t handle this internally given the name.


this is a program i’m also interested in for some point in the future, so i’m interested to see how this goes for you


Animating map tiles is super easy. I just couldn’t figure out I was clicking in the wrong place at 3am last night, and peeked at some tutorial where a guy was manually scripting it and got scared.

also interested

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