Ice Steam Custom Icon Club

Ice is a program that lets you launch your game emulators from Steam, which is super cool! Unfortunately, the Steam icons it auto-populates are sometimes really ugly, and though you can find replacements in some places (, those often suck as well. Lots of “cousins with photoshop.”

My current project has been to just capture the title screens for each game and resize them to icons as best as I can. Sometimes this is easy, sometimes it requires some Photoshop trickery. However, it makes the icons actually look congruent, since they are all using the same hardware-defined color palate. I think it looks pretty cool!

So, I guess my question is whether anyone wants the icons I’ve made thus far (all GBA), or better yet, wants to help generate icons for other consoles. Let me know!


Make a wiki or google spreadsheet, put 'em up to download!


that looks rad

Oh uh, if you guys want them here they are!

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