I love Jasmine Guffond, maybe you will too?


I LOVE JASMINE GUFFOND, an Australian (now in Berlin) experimental musician and artist! WEBSITE: http://jasmineguffond.com read more about her art and music there!

I first heard of her when she was part of the duo MINIT with Torben Tilly, and the below song was on a compilation cd. It has become one of my favourite pieces of ambient music of ALL TIME:


I tracked down their first album, which is very minimalist and droney. I like it more than most drone because the music actually goes places (I find a lot of drone very dull), though I didn’t like it as much as Ijmuiden. Here is a sample track:

Then I tracked down the album with Ijmuiden on it, and liked it a lot more! It has the same minimalist, layered drone going on as the first album, but also has a lot of field recordings that are often manipulated to give the music texture, and a sense of place and emotion:

AND THEN I tracked down some vinyl releases. The first one I found was BOOTLEG which features a song entirely made up of manipulated field recordings (I’m guessing this is where they started developing that interest):

I love how intense the song gets, and how otherworldly it sounds despite being made from local sounds.

Then I tracked down cc / bb which seems like it was some kind of jam session recorded in an hour. I feel like this is when they combined field recordings with ambient and made that otherworldly yet familiar sound that attracted me to Ijmuiden so much


So I looked up the members and found out that Guffond is still VERY ACTIVE and was active long before Minit, too. She was part of another experimental ambient duo called HISS but I haven’t been able to find any of their music yet. she was also part of an experimental alternative band called ALTERNAHUNK:

And also other projects!

BUT THEN SHE WENT SOLO, first as JASMINA MASCHINA and went all synth folk and wrote lyrics and stuff! It reminds me a bit of Clue to Kalo and is a very Australian sound from around that era. It’s also a sound I love:

My fav track from the second album actually has no lyrics, but I enjoy it because it’s such a jolly little tune that makes me feel good:

Then she went back to using the name Jasmine Guffond, and went back to more electronic driven, avant garde stuff, starting with YELLOW BELL, a warm, enveloping ambient album inspired by certain Chinese beliefs about music (but, to my white knowledge, doesn’t appropriate them). I like this track a whole lot:

Then she went very avant garde with TRACED which includes music pulled from facial recognition data. This one feels a lot more like the old MINIT stuff, but with the addition of all the stuff she’s learned in the intervening years:

LAST YEAR she made Degradation Loops, a “bit crush” of Yellow Bell she made for an art show:


I hope you enjoy at least one of these songs.


cc @eskaibo


aw hell yeah, will check out. thank you!!

btw i still need to send you back that MOTION compilation hey


oh yeah i really liked yellow bell when it came out


i’m just like, so excited to hear some more 00s AU folk/electronic shit, my god


I love the folk songs. I’m a big fan of people with avant-garde/experimental backgrounds dipping their toes into songwriting.


now i do, too.
listening to GPS made me think of Tim Hecker, and that is a good thing.


i highly recommend the first Heather Woods Broderick album for balancing this really well


I also greatly enjoyed this. Thank you!



ohh this is HER. cool!


check out Clue to Kalo 2psy