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All my briolette cut emerald pendants sound off in the comments!


How’s it going fellow carbuncles


carb uncles = breadmakers who are also problematic bachelors

i like the idea of inventing the name first then coming up with the game later. Horny Bakery Tycoon


There has GOT to be a visual novel company with a horny name for its fans or players of specific games. I wouldn’t know where to go looking for horny visual novels that have community management practices though, I don’t see that shit on my steam store and I’ve been under the impression that a lot of those companies are pretty small


get ready to edge even harder, hentai hogs!! there’s a big announcement coming your way!!!


on the store page for honey select 2 dx steam’s premier pussy simulator they refer to players as “digital storefront perusers”


i’m a big fan of sbutts, it’s just funnier to me.


like if you say it as one word it almost sounds likes ‘sputts’ and that’s just a funny sound, science establishes this.

‘Sbarro’ is one of the more fake sounding American names i’ve learned thanks to you lot

i have to imagine it sounds like when Christopher Hitchens says ‘disgusting’


Ok, I finished going through my library. Again, the list is here. I did this really fast and did not search for news posts if they did not appear immediately or after a couple seconds of scrolling. If folks posted news more than 2 or so years ago, then they didn’t show up on the page, and I missed them.

In the end my huge library yielded 101 names for different communities. I used them to make a word cloud. Here it is:

The most common names were:

  • Survivors, 5 times
  • Hunters, 4 times
  • Adventurers, 3 times
  • Explorers, Exiles, Detectives, Engineers, Commuters, Tamers, Employees, and Vikings, each 2 times

The single largest driver for old games publishing new, official-sounding friendly Steam update posts seems to have been the website Makeship, which is kind of a kickstarter for plush animals. It was shocking how often I saw a news post on an old game because they were asking folks to go pledge to a plush toy campaign on Makeship. Super Meat Boy, Strange Horticulture, Yuppie Psycho, and Epistory are the ones I can think of just off the top of my head… I know there were a lot more. I suspect that the companies that are doing this kind of thing are the ones trying to build a “brand” and a “community” and are optimistic that they can fund a plush toy for a 7 year old game, or whatever… it looks like a lot of them were right!

A lot of games which I expected would be doing this kind of thing were not.

  • Fromsoft games do not do this, even though the games have a lot of special names for the player character within the world
  • Many games with really concrete and unique player identities, like Fuser, where you could easily call the player “DJs” or something, also don’t do this

I propose these names for some games that don’t do this stuff yet:

  • The Ball should call its players Balls or Ballers
  • Super Meat Boy should call its players Meaty Boys
  • Spelunky and Spelunky 2 should call their players Lunkheads
  • Pentiment should call its players Mr Malers
  • The Escape Goat series should call its players Escaped Goats
  • Ubisoft should start calling Far Cry fans Crying Guys
  • Hatofu Boyfriend should be calling its players Bird Kissers
  • the Jackbox games should call thier players Jackers

Fallen London refers to players and enthusiasts as “delicious friends.”


every time someone blood potions this i regret not saying theres LOADS of content COMING


just edit it. noone will know.

It coulda been your little secret.


Back 4 Blood - “Cleaners

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Damn, this reminds me… I should make an accompanying spreadsheet which is just names people come up with for zombies in different IPs, so they don’t have to use the term “zombie”


I went through 30+ hentai/eroge in my library and for the most part every community is referred to as “everyone” i.e. “Hey everyone, here’s the latest update”. The only exceptions I found include:
Huniepot games use “kings” almost exclusively.
Seeds of Chaos seems to favor “you guys” rather than “everyone”.
OnlyCans referred to the community as “Shizeheads™” exactly once.
Genital Jousting has used “peens” and “Penis Lovers”.

Hope this helps!


Incredible, thank you, it does hahaha

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Am I a ‘prophet’, having brute-forced thru the game(Xenogears) - with an EGM walkthru?

Look, I’m a cleaner.

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Laaaay-der PEACE