hey axe i'm trying to find a game

the name has eluded me for years. it was probably the first videogame i ever saw someone play. some kind of windows 95 / dos game.

it was a samurai / feudal game with pixel graphics. in the years since i remembered it it took upon a VGA palette ,but i don’t think this is reality. i know that part of the game was an overhead battle sim, but another part of the game seemed to be some kind of clunky, high detail samurai fighting game too

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Sword of the Samurai?
1005-sword-of-the-samurai-dos-screenshot-battle-troops-in-katana 1006-sword-of-the-samurai-dos-screenshot-sword-play


ho shit yeah that’s the one

i have one gamei never managed to find, that i always eluded me, if i am free to ask here (gonna translate my question to portuguese, because i already asked in another place):

I remembered playing a game on the computer of a member of my family when I was 8 to 10 years old (I’m going to be 27 this year) I remember the PC also having that Windows XP pinball.

The game seemed to be an exploration of a moon where what I remember from the image in my memory was of astronauts in “kind of pixels” trying to imitate a certain realism, with a box below full of options to move, interact and others. the suits looked like today’s astronauts, big and heavy, and the scene really was white and rocky like a moon.

Every time I thought about it, I thought it was “The Dig” because it sounds very familiar, but it wasn’t, people’s sprites are bigger.

Hell yeah, Sword of the Samurai is great.

I have a real soft spot for these types of games where the greater whole (multi-generational feudal ambition towards Shogun in this game) is bound together by a series of mini-games with each in their own engine. Sid Meier’s Pirates is probably the most well-known example, and legend says Sid programmed the (jank) one-on-one sword fights in Sword of the Samurai.

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