hello friends, what are yr fave albums


are you guys ready for another megathread? no? too bad sorry

throw like a one sentence blurb under each one. if you want, post yr fave song from that album here too

Ling tosite sigure - just A moment
y’all already know this but i am a dork and i like j-metal

Within Temptation - The Silent Force
i still think symphonic metal is cool for some reason, it’s like a third of my music library. anyway here is a song that doesn’t sound like anything else on the album but gives me a whole lot of Feelings

okay i’m too lazy to add more right now, maybe later


bal sagoth - starfire burning upon the ice-veiled throne of ultima thule
very dramatic. like all bal sagoth albums, the lyrics are heavily narrative, and the songs (and their titles) are very long.

dragonland - battle on the ivory plains
the first power metal album i ever heard. very emotional vocals, cool wiggly guitar solos.

cradle of filth - damnation and a day
concept album with a really cheesy concept (the old testament from satan’s point of view). it just sounds really sensual and visceral?

wintersun - wintersun
i used to listen to this album while reading lots of cosmic-themed comics (the infinity gauntlet, earth x, etc.) and it really added to the atmosphere

elvenking - the winter wake
sounds like a summer night in the countryside, where you can see fairies on the edge of your vision

nightwish - once
absurdly dramatic and hyperbolic power metal, it all just sounds so big

arch enemy - war eternal
just incredible, feels like you’re going to reach a higher plane while listening

ayreon - the human equation
another concept album, about a guy in a coma and anthropomorphic representations of his emotions? it’s really varied and feels good

alhambra - solitude
japanese power metal with high pitched kind of operatic female vocals? doesn’t really sound like anything else

andrew wk - gundam rock
covers of gundam songs, with lots of emotion

aquaria - luxaeterna
feels like a magic ritual causing the sun to rise early

lyriel - autumntales
more fairy music

iron maiden - dance of death
sounds like hearing tall tales in some ancient bar in the middle of the country while drinking warm scrumpy

i could keep going on and on tbh

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File Under: Zappa
[n.b. this is utterly incomplete because every zappa album from 66-79 is pretty good and pretty much everything he’s ever done is worth listening to, imo)
Lumpy Gravy - orchestral tape manipulation
Uncle Meat - monster double concept LP. subtle at times
Burnt Weeny Sandwich - clean, well-paced, complete package
200 Motels - monster double concept LP + flo and eddie
Just Another Band From L.A. - billy the mountain is a masterpiece
Waka/Jawaka - fusion, hot rats 2
The Grand Wazoo - fusion, hot rats 3

idk most of the albums i like are on like best of lists. i like a lot of pre-album shit, though

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I wish I could replace every copy of Weezer’s s/t from 1994 with Crooked Rain but I’ll settle for having replaced mine.

I love the length and perfect looping. I find myself searching a lot on YouTube for “[song] [instrumental] [extended]” because Donuts changed how I consumed music.

Toe’s drummer is up to some jazzy math rock shenanigans. Everything else is breezy af.

Karuki Samen Kuri no Hana is my favorite Shiina Ringo album because it’s gone off the deep end, production-wise. This song starts with a vacuum cleaner and launches into a magical girl anime OP.

Tofubeats has a great sense of exactly how much of the jpop poison he can add without killing us.

My favorite guitar tone is a single coil bridge pickup. Hisako Tabuchi is the master of the single coil bridge pickup.

Yoshida Ichiro fucken rips in this song. The square synth hits make it functionally eurobeat if you catch my drift.


On Night by Holly Throsby has been one of the most relevant albums to my life since like 18. i think i’m just starting to move on he her later stuff but the sparse folk guitar on this one still can’t be beat

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I have bought Daft Punk’s “Discovery” four times.


EDIT: Adding a few comments, as the thread actually requested. I am not good at writing about music. I deleted a few too, because I didn’t wanna write about them right now.

Elliott Smith - either/or, XO
Choosing a favorite Elliott Smith album is pretty hard, but these are the two I listen to most often, and I love that these two, released sequentially, bridge his move into a more lush pop soundscape. Smith’s music is very connected to a very intense and difficult time in my life and I feel like I keep rediscovering his music and discovering new things in it whenever I come back to it.

Electric Light Orchestra - Out of the Blue
One of my most-played albums. A little long, but I feel like this album takes me on a real journey. It’s also the ELO sound I like best, the culmination of what had been happening in previous albums. Jeff Lynne’s lyrics here are some of his best.

Andrew WK - I Get Wet
I sometimes think I like the weirder, more specific songs in his later career (Mother of Mankind, Close Calls with Brick Walls), but the energy and tightness of this first album is really phenomenal.

Janelle Monae - Electric Lady
This one’s odd in that I often start it in different places, listen to five or six songs, and am good for a bit, but it doesn’t matter what track I start with. Monae’s retro-future funk/R&B vision is marvelously realized.

The Decemberists - The Crane Wife
The hyperliterary songwriting of the Decemberists either reaches its most beautiful or ridiculous climax, depending on your view of what The Decemberists do. The themes of loss and war are variably and excellently explored throughout the album.

Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run, Born in the USA
I know real Springsteen fans like these albums, but find Born in the USA, especially, to be a little too flashy, and I think Springsteen himself feels a bit like that, but goddamn do I love the energy of these two. The sadness and darkness of the situations the lyrics describe are enriched by the arena-like explosiveness of Born in the USA, and positively exhilarating with the pulsing heartbeat of Born to Run.

Various - Gundam Unplugged
Gundam music on acoustic guitars in really pretty arrangements. Perfect background music.

Kadomatsu Toshiki - Sea Is a Lady
I like Kadomatsu’s vocal stuff as well, but this instrumental album is full of chill, the promise of leisure adulthood I envisioned in the 80s and 90s, have never experienced, never really want to, but have an unkillable, somewhat problematic fondness for.

Norah Jones - Come Away With Me
Jones’s first and still my favorite. This album somehow still feels like the most confident and cohesive she’s put out, and I like all of them to one extent or another.

Velvet Underground /& Nico, Loaded
The album with Nico is so wide-ranging with so many catchy rock tunes, bursting with impassioned, feverish ideas. Loaded is like the more refined version of the former.

The Coup - Party Music, Pick a Bigger Weapon
Both funky as hell and gets me wanting to work toward a better world. I’ve seen The Coup in person, mostly performing songs from these two albums, and it’s the only music that can get me to dance in public without being drunk.

Hawaiian Style Band - Rhythm of the Ocean
Look, I know this album might be a bit corny. But these syrupy 90s pop tunes seeking to express a specifically Hawaiian identity speaks to me in a deep place that brings me absurd joy.

Vince Guaraldi - A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack
I adore Guaraldi’s piano playing, so expressive and emotive.

Yoshida Minako - Monochrome
So goddamn chill and funky. One of the few vocal albums I can listen to while doing homework. Yoshida’s voice is so rich and expressive.

Yoshida Takuro - Ningen Nante
Not the most recent album on the list, but the one I was most recently introduced to. Excellent folk tunes with really beautiful lyrics.




i only picked 10. this topic is really hard for me because there’s three different criteria for whether i think an album is my favorite, none of which are perfect: do i listen to it a lot without getting tired of it? does it speak to me in a deeply personal way despite flaws? is it just 30-45 minutes straight of Hot Shit? i try and pick things that straddle all three. i also tend to gravitate towards the keywords “worldview”, “sensibility” & “spiritual vibe”

augustus pablo - this is augustus pablo
i could write a doctoral dissertation on augustus pablo but i just think this album has all the best songs on it

clipse - hell hath no fury
the realest shit. i remember how corny everything else felt after hearing this for the first time

ghostface killah - supreme clientele
"cherchez laghost" is so weird for a hit single. what the fuck were they going for lol

lee perry & upsetters - open the gate
this one kind of speaks for itself

meat puppets - ii
of all the sst bands i pretended to love in high school (OK i still love the minutemen) meat puppets still represent a crucial part of my psyche. this might be my most played album ever

miles davis - agharta
the hardest shiiitttt. who the hell saw this live in japan. an audience of haruki murakami protagonists

mf doom - operation doomsday
i can go on and on about why this is his best but i really just like all the songs on it

mos def - ecstatic
i don’t necessarily love mos def, or madlib, or anyone who worked on this album. it just all came together out of nowhere. there is not a bad second of music on this album.

prince - dirty mind
clean guitars + lots of trebly bass guitar + falsetto = <3 (plus the songwriting is the best)

thelonious monk - brilliant corners
this one has the heaviest r&b feel, and it has sonny rollins. it’s just perfect i dunno


i did this


Fiona Apple - The Idler Wheel etc. etc. I feel like she gets me, but then probably everyone feels like that. I love the industrial-sounding percussion in a bunch of the tracks, and the sparseness of arrangement as well. I will listen to this album until I die.

SuiseiNoBoaz - THE (OVERUSED) END OF THE WORLD and I MISS YOU MUH-FUH is a fucking perfect album and is like a sad summertime breeze

Kind of Bloop - chiptune jazz covers of a master by the masters

Evil Cowards - Covered in Gas. A vulgar stream of consciousness dance album by the master of absurd lyrics, Dick Valentine

Matt Berry - Witchazel. A folk rock album from 1975 produced in 2011 by a British comedian mostly famous for having a weirdly deep voice. One of the most perfectly produced and, again, absurd albums I’ve ever heard.

Lemon Demon - Spirit Phone. A fun, poppy album about the unending terrors of life and cosmic horrors, plus a guy who turned himself into an arcade cabinet. Like Oingo Boingo, but good.

Shnabubula - NES Jams. Improvised progressive piano layered with NES tunes that themselves sound improvised. Killer killer album.

Joanna Wang - BOB Music is the goofiest album ever, and it’s about really mundane stuff, like driving a truck, shampooing your hair, buying shoes, and the scientific method. It’s the happiest thing I’ve ever heard without being like, grossly saccharine

Jon Benjamin - Well, I Should Have…*

*(learned how to play piano) okay, not really, but it’s a killer joke. He got together a bunch of great jazz musicians and recorded an album with them without knowing a damn thing about playing the piano.

Silversun Pickups - Carnavas is a dreamy pop-rock album with surreal lyrics. It’s really good. I can’t write about music.

Mentioned above:

MF Doom - Operation Doomsday (perfect)
The Decemberists - The Crane Wife (i’m all about being pointlessly wordy and overwrought)

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I will probably participate in this later but I’m popping in to say I’m very pleased with all of the MF Doom love in here

and I’m kind of curious what people think of madvillain


i. . . .was going to make this thread. but, like, of 2016-faves

uuuhhh. dang ok maybe i'll still make it ***

i usually have a hard time coming up with this kind of list. i have three in top of my head in this precise moment and they are:

akiko yano’s "gohan ga dekitayo"

  • for being quite possibly my favorite pop album of all. every song is like a parade; you stop to look around for a moment while listening. i’ll be more often than not up to defend the song ‘genkotsuyama no onigiri-sama’ as bearer of the title of Greatest Song Ever Made – although i’m not fond of the live version that shows first on youtube compared to the studio one, there’s this cover made by japanese high-schoolers that is also incredible with the bonus of an adorable choreography.

jun togawa’s tamahime-sama

  • an often-cartoony, ever-chilling portrait on being inside my skin.

david bowie’s scary monsters (and super creeps)

  • it’s so much fun! it’s one of first albums i cared to listen from start to finish without skipping songs. for the longest time i would see myself muttering “oooh bop – fashion!” out of nowhere lol.

i’ve only listened to the first madvillainy and i like it! not really familiar to madlib’s solo work though.


cristina - sleep it off
vengeful leering new wave! truly berserk don was production

giant sand - love songs
sloppy as shit but wonderful mix of country, zz top, someone playing with cheap synthesiser presets

sonic youth - evol
mystery dreams

velvet underground - s/t
it’s like earnest pop music played by people who stopped believing in that concept but who still find the belief in itself kind of moving and who relate to the failure of that ambition more than to success

be your own pet - s/t
just never stop responding to how manic everything on it is honestly

david thomas and two pale boys - surf’s up
weird hazy ghostly music, sort of like if coil had been brought up on american classic rock???

prince - 1999
international lover…

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Ongaku by wac
A personal artist album to come out of the music games that I play. The artist has vastly different styles depending on the song but a lot of them seem to range more with Pop, Rock, Jazz, and Classical ranges, and by classical I really do mean classical music. One of my favorite artists in the games by far, this is the only personal album he has put out.

Spirit Phone by Lemon Demon
A more American Pop-Rock album and it’s super good. Lyrics are on point, hooks are catchy, it’s worth a listen.

Cafe Music Selection by Various Artists
Another album to come out of my music game hobby. They took a bunch of really good songs from Pop’n Music and did them in an “Island Lounge” style and it’s really calming and relaxing to listen to.

Best of Acoustic 1 by Captain Jack
Before you ask, yes it really is THAT Captain Jack (from the railroad tracks). Yes he really does have an acoustic album. Hearing Electronic songs done as acoustic is really amusing, mind blowing, and all over just really good.

Torches by Foster the People
Another Pop-Rock band that popular in the west. Cannot find a single bad song on this album.

Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt
Another album that I cannot find a bad song on. Really brought SKA in a popular light back in the days because this album was so fucking good. I had two copies of this CD as a child because I listened to one way too much.

Best Hits YCO by Y&co
Another one from the music games, this time of really sweet Eurobeat that all in all just really fun to dance with.

Cowboy BeBop Blue by Various Artists
The anime to Cowboy bebop has some of the best music anime wise. I feel as if this Album showcases the best of it.

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Illmatic is my go-to winter album. I like to put it on and ride the L at night, even though it’s about New York.


just three because i’d rather enjoy other folks’ recs here

Alice Coltrane - Journey in Satchidananda
amazing ambient jazz 20 years before anyone thought of calling it that

Lost Sounds - s/t
the anxiety drenched soundtrack to me getting in shape and losing 40 lbs a long while back, so i still associate it with exercise and wii boxing.

Willie Nelson - Red Headed Stranger
i first realized i loved music when i was four years old and heard my parents play this album

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Public Enemy - It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
There’s so much sandwiched between the live in London intro (consider yourself warned!) to the closing Beastie Boys inversion of Party for your Right to Fight. JB’s sax swells, Wattstock pleas, and even a Slayer riff lay down a intricate collage over which Chuck D does his thing.

Sonic Youth - Sister

SY went through a couple different phases, and while this is still a fairly early album, I think it’s the closest thing to a sonic youth smorgasbord. There’s the more melodic stuff, there’s some rawer tracks, there’s a surprise string of firecrackers going off in the middle of one song, and if you get the modern version, it ends with a Ciccone Youth song.

Grand Buffet - King Vision

While a bunch of assholes were cranking out nerdcore tracks, two serious weirdo white dudes from Pittsburgh decided to shape their surrealist rhymes into this pseudo prog rock concept album. I guess it was a bit too dark for a good contingent of the fan base they built up through constant touring, and thanks to a bunch of horrible twists of fate just missed out on getting distributed by El-P’s or Fat Mike’s labels. But it’s one of my all time favorite things. These dudes are a bit of an early aughts oddball version of the Velvet Underground and were influential to cats like Girl Talk and Dan Deacon.

Wolf Eyes - I Am a Problem: Mind in Pieces

Noise is over. #tripmetal #psychojazz
The record opens with a smooth jazz number and toward the end has something with verses and choruses. Not that they needed it before, but gaining James on guitar has been a huge shot in the arm and has pushed them into some surprising directions. Even a couple years ago I probably would have still named Dread or Burned Mind as my favorite but this one really won me over.


probably stars of the lid’s tired sounds of. I have listened to parts of it almost every day for over ten years. it means the most to me

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