gym grinding tunes


What do you guys listen to when you’re working out or at the gym? I need some new upbeat stuff to listen to when I run.

I’ll go first. Ever heard the soundtrack for Surgeon Simulator? Shit’s sick

Everybody already digs this one


i usually put white noise on my headphones to drown out terrible gym tunes that get piped in. Would rather just hear exercising people around me though, don’t like not being super aware. Background music just makes me feel unsafe since I can never be sure if tere’s something i SHOULD be heaing that i can’t with the tunes playng

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contemporary underground club sets from soundcloud etc.

you should have a exorcism everyday


like literally static or like rain sounds or something? I feel the same about background music, but its mostly I don’t wanna hear other people’s conversations.


Definitely had some Death Grips on the weights and tread before.

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I should uh, play something Max Payne one day.

That Surgeon Simulator track is good stuff!


Love MBM and all the versions of that track, this one is an old rock out in my car like an idiot classic

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this is the only thing i ever run to

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this thread made me realize i’d like the gym a lot more if they didn’t play That Crap all the time

this seems good


I made a special playlist of Captain Ahab music just to work out to:

And I also listen to this album on repeat when I want to get pumped:

EDIT: I should mention that both of these are offensive in some very odd ways, and probably not to anybody’s taste except mine.

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yeah, like a youtube of ten hours of white noise playing from my phone


^ that’s a playlist btw

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It’s actually “squib cakes”


Who’s what now?


give me a break

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