GUN GUYS 2019: the search for gun gal


Reminded me of the interview Brandon Sheffield did with id back in 2011 where he just tears apart the lazy worldbuilding.


can’t wait to play the best open world game of 2012 on a discount


I finally killed 2 people in apex. this is how it goes for me in online competitive games. hour after hour of getting instantly massacred 10 seconds into every round then I pull some move where I kill two people with my bare hands at once, God allotting just enough occasional bare minimum good feelings to keep from ever just logging off forever

I haven’t even killed anyone with guns in this thing yet. feels like I’m just shooting a concrete wall every time


Yeah I had a similar problem when I started playing; I eventually figured out that it wasn’t actually my shooting ability, but rather my positioning that was losing me fights.

If you only take fair fights, you’re going to lose 50% of the time vs. an equally skilled player (and when you start, most people are better than you so you lose even more often). The trick with BRs, it seems, is only taking fights when you know you have the advantage. If they don’t notice you, start the fight by throwing a grenade or get the high ground before attacking or flank from the side while your team pushes from the front.

If at any point the enemy knows exactly where you are, you should probably reposition. The corollary of the “only fight in advantage” rule is that if you’re disadvantaged, you should try to disengage or not engage in the first place. If an enemy is sitting in a house with a shotgun, just don’t go in the house!

If you find that you’re always being surprised by the enemy, then you’re likely focusing too much on loot and not enough on scouting and looking at your surroundings, thinking about how the circle is moving and what chokepoints that might force people through.

The first couple days my buddies and I played we maybe had 4 kills between us in like 6 hours of playtime? I’m still not great, but I’m pretty reliably winning a fight or two a game now. I have to keep repeating the above lessons to myself, though, because that playstyle is not natural for me and if I’m not consciously thinking about it I go in guns blazing at the first sign of the enemy.


This is fascinating because I think of Titanfall’s pilot movement as a sort of antidote to camping, which is basically advantageous positioning that should be discouraged in map design. In exchange you get the reprieve of higher survivability and TTK in a Titan and the vantage point from ejection.


Also good lord I played Titanfall 2 last night and forgot that videogames could feel so good. Destiny’s handling is positively anodyne in comparison. It is absolutely my favorite game ever made.


This is the first BR I’ve tried and will likely be my last. Even still I can tell it does smarter things than others in the genre do. The pinging, the movement, the verticality, the gunplay, the not-OP but semi-interesting abilities. Everything that’s been noted basically is pretty cool but yeah I super agree about the loot aspect. Wandering around looking for action and hearing gunfire in the distance might be interesting for a bit, but the scrambling in a sea of loot for shit like A Purple Legendary ACOG Sight couldn’t be less appealing to me at all.


Oh, I don’t actually think camping is very effective in Apex either! Multiple classes have abilities that let you maneuver around or otherwise negate a positional advantage, and an enemy knowing exactly where you are is bad. The best thing you can do is move around because you want to keep them guessing where you and the other members of your squad are.


I dunno I at least like how colorful it is


i’m just hoping there’s a quake revival in earnest that doesn’t succumb to lootboxes and heroes who don’t shut up and all the other bad modernisms

champions got the movement down if nothing else

was the first rage any good? i don’t remember anyone talking about it on release


this was TF2

you’re being too id centric in your thinking

flex that ego


mate i love you but no :frowning:

that reminds me, i found my old copy of ut04

rated 16 for violence and gnu


The best Team Fortress was the Quake mod.


UT2004 still runs on modern Linux too! the installer is weird


ok now I’m curious


would this forum support a dedicated apex legends thread?

for the record it isn’t really better than BO4’s blackout*. it’s just free. so there are people i can actually play with on PC!

it is pretty good though. won my first match last night with my brother and one of his friends. i’m “composerzane” on origin, sadly (can you change this???).

i want an apex legends thread!

*to clarify, it is way fucking better than fortnite. it just doesn’t have blackout’s vehicles, which are hilarious and chaotic and beautiful.

PS i love lifeline so much


Do it.


Last night my PS4 downloaded Apex Legends because apparently I have to be a part of the zeitgeist.

Haven’t played it yet.


yeah def do it, then maybe i can play with y’all


ok i made an apex legends thread