GUN GUYS 2019: the search for gun gal


Willing to give Apex another shot on PC, I’ll be around sometime tonight

km04 on origin, I think


I was watching some streams of AL and still don’t understand why 10 minutes of running around looting stuff followed by a 2 minute firefight in which you die is supposed to be fun. I did enough of that in H1Z1 to know it’s not fun. it’s just time consuming.

why is this better than regular deathmatch again?


i’m old and i think it kinda stinks, the pacing isn’t my thing at all


It’s certainly not objectively better, but I have played a lot of deathmatch in my life and not nearly as much of this. It’s nice that it happens to be popular right now, so most people are only slightly better than me rather than massively better than me.

The structure reminds me of a roguelike, both in a random loot permadeath way, and in that the main skill is identifying dangerous situations and knowing when to expend resources.

I think the “boring” parts work because they build tension. It’s fun that fights spiral out organically and you don’t know when you’re going to see the next set of enemies. It requires a different kind of situational awareness than deathmatches, and it’s fun to try to get better at choosing how to approach tricky situations.


one of the brilliant things the game does is show you an area which is guaranteed to have good loot when you drop. you can go there and immediately get into a frantic rush for a gun and desperate firefight! it’s great


BR games are like that Onion article on the then-latest Call of Duty where you stood around in a desert doing nothing for hours on end followed a quick, sharp turn into action followed by more hours of doing nothing

alternatively, no one’s telling you to not drop in a hotly contested spot


psst hey you can get into titanfall 2 matches on pc in less than ten minutes now

come on get


I’m back baby


Respawn: “hey we made two cool games that are of our wheelhouse”

everyone: “yeah, that’s cool”

Respawn: “hey we made one of those things the kids like but in this universe”

everyone: " oh? "

Respawn: “by the way there’s more of this right over there for 10 bucks”


can’t they just patch the nonbinary character into titanfall 2

titanfall 2: for Their pleasure


anyone doing apex on ps4? I think I like it, but I keep getting this “party not ready” bug


yeah i think apex has just made me wanna start playing titanfall 2 again

i play destiny (mostly) by myself these days and have an okay time, just cause it’s lush mindless shooting with enough room for a podcast in there


I am down to play Titanfall 2 with whoever, so long as folks are cool with my bizarro hours and being really quiet in chat and bad at shooters.

PS4, Xbox One, maybe PC if I can learn how to KB/M, pick yer poison.


aiming with a mouse is simple

all you have to realize is that while you’re manipulating a 3D viewpoint, you’re ultimately manipulating a 2D viewing surface and just correlate that to your mouse movements and once you get that, you just have to work on it for hundreds of hours


Here’s where I admit I actually never liked Titanfall’s (multiplayer) concept. I don’t want to be a “pilot”. I don’t want to be a fish out of water for 80% of the game, a pilot without anything to pilot, running on walls and shit like some insect. And I don’t like the idea of the mechs because I don’t want to be stuck in something slow and clunky. So, I’d rather be wall running, yeah. But while I’m wall running I feel like I’m super weak because there are titans around and I don’t like that feeling. It’s just dumb, you can’t win either way!

So yes, people like me are the reason why Titanfall was never a success. The concept just doesn’t gel with ordinary folk

That said, I will jump into Titanfall 2’s multi later today, just to see what’s up. I’ll probably love it, despite conceptual qualms


Titanfall was great like that

you were only as weak as the line you picked to take through the map and how you acclimated it to your loadout; Titan’s in of themselves were pretty weak and vulnerable to both enemy titans and pilots and weren’t a mindless killstreak to drop and rack up points

like all good shooters, it was a game of positioning and awareness


When I sent my PS4 in for repair I had to get my Titanfall 2 fix on Xbox One, and it’s surprising how well you can do with just the default loadout.

Then again, I was at level 0 and was probably getting matched with other beginners, so I dunno.


i played two matches of Apex Legends so far and that is basically ( i think) two more than i have played of any other battle royale game ever before and here’s what i enjoyed

i enjoyed that

  1. the ninja character reminds me of my boy crush, speed of sound sonic, from one punch man. so far that’s the only character i have played
  2. the guns feel like they did in titanfall. it appears they doubled down on everything being some kind of shotgun. even the machine guns feel suitably punchy and rhythmic to fire.

i died in a frantic messy double team the first round. it was great! i don’t feel like i died because i have not sank a hundred hours into the game learning every landmark like pubg and fortnite made me play. the second time i stayed tightly knit in a good squad and managed to last at least two shootouts but getting locked down by someone with a rifle and grenades



can I have this renderer put towards something other than bulletstorm borderlands

like the vehicles and the shooting and the lighting all look incredible but as a game and a setting I would rather have any other avalanche title

it’s like sub-blomkamp stuff, they could’ve gotten the mad max license back and that would’ve been an improvement