GUN GUYS 2019: the search for gun gal


ggs @Broco & @parker - sorry I’m not good enough to carry harder!


I’ll try to have the bare minimum of basics down by next time


It’s cool! I think you were both getting better as we went (and I may have been getting worse as I got more tired!)


I don’t use the abilities nearly often enough! It’s so weird to have abilities in a BR game that I just forget about them most of the time. But Caustic’s gas bombs are actually really plentiful and on a rather short cooldown, so I should really place them everywhere… I mostly picked him because I have trouble seeing enemies and when they move through his gas they get marked/outlined… I feel like in the right hands he’s “op” but I can’t really make it work yet


I looked through the skins for characters and weapons for the first time today and I have to say there’s some funny stuff in there. I love this:

And this:


i was thinking about this some more and i reckon house of wolves is the best it’s been

vault of glass is possibly the best thing bungie have made and the loot from the old raids was not only relevant but top tier, incredibly fun to use and mattered more than light level that was more of a ‘i’ve done all of the things!’ badge than the grind the fun parts of the game have been locked behind ever since, trials was a thing, gjallarhorn was a fuckin’ trending topic on twitter etc.

fatebringer and black hammer were legendaries!!! better days…


I trust that VoG is the single best activity (sadly still trying to remedy my lack of experience) but if you get into D2 now (as a friend just did) it is extremely generous in variety. A baker’s dozen of strikes, five raid-types, two good 10 hour FPS campaigns and two mediocre 4 hour ones, lots of secrets if you’re not spoiling them for yourself, etc.

I also think the story is more interesting and varied than it’s been - moving away from the Vanguard as neoconservatives in space and toward… something else.

I have a lot of notes about Destiny, particularly w/r/t the Fallen as thoughtless reproduction of neocon ideology but I waffle on whether actually writing it is a waste of time.


I’d be interested in reading that.


Interesting point about Apex Legends

Apex Legends still scans to me as largely “typical FPS aesthetic” which typically has only been appealing to cis men, so it’s interesting that it only takes a little bit of thoughtfulness rather than a wholesale change to broaden the appeal


tbh the thing that made me bounce off fortnite was not being able to play as a woman from the start without throwing money into the lootbox slot machine


well christ now i have to play this game


First time opening Origin in, uh, years? and this is what I get:


Spore was fun


how long until the spore/black&white nostalgiawave


hit me personally about 5 years ago


wait spore came out in 200 8?


what an odd gravestone for Maxis


sb friends would anyone like to play apex legends with me?

it might help if we are in the same hemisphere but maybe it doesn’t matter

DaddySulk on origin!


Bloodhound - come for the repurposed Titanfall 3 model, stay for the nonbinary representation.


Apex Legends also seems to be hitting an older crowd, and I know that was part of the goal in the Titanfall games, but I’m not sure if that’s a real thing or just me having older friends these days.