GUN GUYS 2019: the search for gun gal


actually i should just play FEAR already like @Dracko keeps saying


:musical_note: who’s that lady :musical_note:


apex seems to be the first battle royale i can actually get into? it just feels so nice to move around and while it’s obviously fortnite & overwatch slammed together it executes really well

the r1 ping system is brilliant. i got my first win on a squad with two spanish speakers that i couldn’t understand at all and i never felt out of sync with them & managed to avoid death a couple times because they were great about calling out snipers. i do wish there was a slightly more robust training mode tho so i could get used to how each gun handles without worrying about other folks


Mona Sax, Max Payne 2


I think you spelled “Mila Kunis” wrong


@tiburon the Wolfenstein gaiden where you play as BJ’s twin daughters (coop!) is out this year


really do wish it would quit fuckin crashing every 3rd match tho


crying huge mecha tears reading this




Anyone wanna play Apex on PC with me? Playing with randos gets lonely sometimes


I’d play with you if you’re still on! I’m sort of addicted to this game.

GateEightyEight on Origin.


yeah i’m going to give it a go sometime soon, my origin is kayfabebreaker



@idiot - not seeing your origin account when I search that name :frowning:


Yeah that was fun! I wanna do it agaaaain. I need to get better at this game, so I need practice practice practice


I could find your account (I think) and I sent you a friend request


yeah i just got it, weird


might not have been indexed yet; finally found it when searching.


Yeah one of the things I really like about this game is that the abilities aren’t overwhelmingly powerful but have a lot of subtle interesting uses. It’s not like Overwatch where ults just wreck and kill everyone. Since the abilities in this game are nearly underwhelming, it feels really good when you use them cleverly.

I’ve been playing Pathfinder mostly because the mobility is really cool. You can use the zipline to get high ground, or use it to outrun the circle, or get to some ledge when you’re flanked from both sides. I’ve even used it to chase down people and kill them before they heal. It’s really neat.

I think the map plays a big part in that ability feeling good too. The game has way more verticality than any other BR. There are giant cliffs and ravines and towers all over the place.


I might give it a try, see what one of these things is like, so I don’t get left behind by time and feel like a disoriented old man any more than I already do. I’m CoffinEdJohnson on origin.