Guess who's cohosting *another* podcast

It’s called Co-Op Button and it’s me and @Godamn_Milkman talking very briefly after our gaming sessions about what we just played. Little 15-20 minute episodes about co-op games mostly.

I think it’s fun!! It’s very casual and I put a lot of music in it (because of course I do)

And there are already 5 episodes!! That’s what I like to call, Content, Baby.

Not on any fricking podcatchers because Anchor is being dumb.


Goodness gracious Cania where do you find the time

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here and there. i haven’t been editing the snex podcast, these are super easy to edit, and i work on pulse wave throughout the week because i enjoy listening to game boy music

god i still have to edit wield shit okay gonna go start that now bye

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Episode 4 is out, we talk about this quiz that like, tries to determine your Gamer Motivation Profile? More interesting that it sounds. You can take it first if you want:


Episode 7 is out, which means that episodes 5 and 6 are also out but that i never posted about them??