god, i'm so sorry (superhero-comicbook nonsense)

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handsome sad batman or bust, hollywood


Batwoman’s BRIGHT LIPSTICK that she doesn’t have in street clothes is driving me mad.


I laughed at the part in the new xmen trailer where magneto says “You’re always sorry charles, and there’s always a speech, and no one cares.” that’s a good one


Pattinson has a weird energy and the thousand-yard stare that only comes with violent trauma or wrestling through an entire Twilight franchise. He’s a Keaton choice. Could The Batman actually be… interesting? D:


It’s Matt Reeves so I’m hopeful!


Cosmopolis as Batman canon seems like a good idea.



I keep thinking of this every time I remember this movie and I laugh out loud


warnerbros is gonna cancel all the dc stuff watch



I said this in the e3 thread: Ultimate Alliance 3 looks way better than the new avengers game. Like it looks like a mid tier action RPG, but everything about avengers makes it sound like it’s that but with a whole lot of camera winking.

And instead of five boring versions of four boring dudes, and one boring girl doing Civil War part 300, I’m much more here for giant clusterfuck of Miles Morales and Elsa bloodstone killing MODOKs


I hope hope hope that all the NEXTWAVE characters make it into MUA3

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Shit I would love it if I could break things with a ‘standard array of generic super powers’ with The Captain.

Boom Boom’s gotta be in this right?

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Hopefully also Aaron Stack (though probably as Machine Man) and Monica Rambeau.

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it’s actually unbelievable that even after the MCU has gotten so much bigger they are making this game focused on a ton of white dudes + black widow’s butt






I regretfully must report that Swamp Thing just kinda blandly sucks.

Setting is great, monster effects are great, it’s just, the story and character arcs are so uninteresting. Also cannot believe who they picked as the main villain.

There is one concept I like a lot - that the Swamp Thing can see and communicate with anyone who is taken by the swamp, so he has this kind of swamp purgatory he can visit to talk with vanquished foes.