god, i'm so sorry (superhero-comicbook nonsense)


“America’s Ass” was a great bit

not really a joke but Hawkeye & Black Widow’s fight over who gets the honor of sacrificing themselves the hardest was both the funniest thing in the movie and probably one the dumbest things ive ever seen in any Marvel movie


It was the most dramatic slapstick ever, I hated it.


Remember all those times they played Thor’s PTSD for laughs, man, what a comedy picture show


I just watched this short where they confirm that Iron Man 3’s best plot device was apparently just a goof, and thought to myself that this is definitely the biggest unfollowed lead that they have set up in the MCU. It feels sort of weird to revisit it now - surely by being both nonwhite and criminals these are the sort of people that Hawkeye would have spent his time massacring in between IW and Endgame, right?

But they are doing a Shang Chi movie at some point idk?

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Was really hoping that whole “ha ha, prison sex!” aside was being forgotten and we could be left with the beautiful, the perfect Iron Man 3 Mandarin.

Sometimes the fans are wrong, Kevin. :waynestare:


Yeah as a person who really wants more Justin Hammer from the MCU him being reused in that way was really upsetting.


this is just further evidence that The Canon is so overarchingly stupid that the best response to it is always to just work around it, a la Shane Black


It’s weird to rewatch older MCU movies and see how much more self conscious they were about this. I mean IM3 is openly defiant and flippant about it which is great, but like there is a scene in the Ed Norton Hulk movie where he holds up a pair of ICONIC PURPLE PANTS and is like “haha lame right… Super lame… no self respecting CINEMATIC HERO would wear such a garment… LOL…” I respect that they went from that to basically designing a 10 year plot arc around a purple giant in gold armor and magic rocks.

For me the sweet spot is turning the comic book version of Arnim Zola’s weird TMNT esque design into an ancient evil super-computer

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handsome sad batman or bust, hollywood


Batwoman’s BRIGHT LIPSTICK that she doesn’t have in street clothes is driving me mad.


I laughed at the part in the new xmen trailer where magneto says “You’re always sorry charles, and there’s always a speech, and no one cares.” that’s a good one


Pattinson has a weird energy and the thousand-yard stare that only comes with violent trauma or wrestling through an entire Twilight franchise. He’s a Keaton choice. Could The Batman actually be… interesting? D:


It’s Matt Reeves so I’m hopeful!


Cosmopolis as Batman canon seems like a good idea.



I keep thinking of this every time I remember this movie and I laugh out loud


warnerbros is gonna cancel all the dc stuff watch



I said this in the e3 thread: Ultimate Alliance 3 looks way better than the new avengers game. Like it looks like a mid tier action RPG, but everything about avengers makes it sound like it’s that but with a whole lot of camera winking.

And instead of five boring versions of four boring dudes, and one boring girl doing Civil War part 300, I’m much more here for giant clusterfuck of Miles Morales and Elsa bloodstone killing MODOKs