Genuinely good cooking youtube channels

There is so much cooking on YouTube and most of it is not v good. What are the ones where you rly feel like you’ve learned a lot from them.

My two faves are:

Family in northwest China

This lady is incredibly good at making dough of seemingly every single variety. She constantly surprises me with what she does with her ingredients and she explains things very well despite never going into much detail. Her video style is super clear and allows her technique to shine. It’s not some shitty aesthetic thing with lofi hip hop and carefully arranged lighting. She’s cooking in her kitchen like a normal person and there’s the same shitty royalty fres song in the background of like every video and she eats at a table with a surface protector mat thing on it that has mad air bubbles in it. She’s a normal real human. She has also spawned a number of copycats who make very similarly styled videos which are all also p decent.

French cooking academy

This guy shows cooking technique super well, though he often skips the preparation. But he knows exactly how to manipulate his sauces and broths etc and it is super valuable to watch imo. He has a depth of knowledge and really likes to go into detail about how the cooking needs to be done and also what is happening at any given moment and the effect it has on the dish.


i love my money my food / village food factory

its a family that travels around and cooks mostly huge portions outside then give it to a bunch of people who eat and enjoy the food. bunch of shots of animals and landscapes interspersed

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i just watched a few of these. it’s fantastic, thank you. Exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for.

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The Frog Fractions of cooking shows

God dam this is my thread

  • eater, worth it. Ester Choi episodes are better
  • bon appetit it’s alive w Brad or the gourmet junk food
  • chef John on food wishes is just really good
  • Kenji alt Lopez is just a genius (not v instructional for everyone tho)
  • Chinese cooking demystified is so good for Americans I’m going to actually link this one
  • chef steps is the business if you have a sous vide

I will definitely rec french cooking academy, but a lot of these idk, so I’ll be checking back after I check them out.

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Oh you won’t learn anything but 7 plums


i also like maangchi! she comes off like a mid nineties cooking show on PBS and sometimes that’s what i want. also im able to cook like half of her shit

i think the bon appetit channel is good, everything that claire touches with her anxiety hands is perfect and i like how brad is a jersey guy BUT IM NOTICING IN GETTING MORE INTO THE ‘CHARACTERS’ and less into the COOKING so i think theyrr leaning into being yourtub personalities which can be very hit or miss for some people

another channel of big portions for huge family AND SHE HAS A REALLY CUTE DOG TOO

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oh my god it’s called cabbage-kun

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