Games You Played Today ##RELOAD

What game is that?

lovers in a dangerous spacetime

it rules hard


on ps+ this month, looking forward to finally playing it

It was made by some developers in Toronto, really cool dudes that were nice enough to hear me geek out about stuff one time

it’s still gonna be expensive for me to buy another controller.
Doubly annoying because we have 4 PS3 controllers.

I already ordered a copy, thanks though!

Got a copy of ESP Galuda II while I was at it because it was the only CAVE game I was missing in the ole’ collection. Looking forward to trying out Bullet Soul!

But did you get bullet soul or bullet doul inifinte burst? I think IB is just a remix of vanilla?

Original Bullet Soul. I heard IB is kinda unnecessary and not worth the price tag. Probably will check it out later but I just wanted that original first.

I can’t take Bastion anymore. Never ending vague statements are not a stand in for world-building.

hmm, you can make some close comparisons between Bastion and Hyper Light Drifter now; they’re pretty much all favorable to Hyper Light Drifter (music, worldbuilding, art, action)

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Part II of “Marina Really Likes Super Monkey Ball Jr.”

My friend had recently replaced my copy that was thrown away, so I’ve been able to enjoy this game in its physical form again.

Like the original Gamecube counterpart, this game is very difficult, though whenever I get tired of losing a bunch of apes in the expert levels I can try out one of the many unlockable mini games, such as Monkey Golf, or Monkey Bowling (I really like this sport-naming motif).

Part of the appeal to me is the ability to play it on my GB Micro whose compact and crisp LCD screen complements the game’s low-poly look quite well. I genuinely love this system, and I’ve found Super Monkey Ball Jr. to make a nice pairing with a lot of charm. Here are some photos with a disgusting flesh appendage for scale. It is so cute.


Also I was hanging out with @birch who introduced me to a few Xbox 360 games I’d never played before.

We tried the co-op campaign for Gears of War 2, which was fun for a while, but it got boring pretty quickly. I guess the hyper-linear level design is not something I’m used to or comfortable with in a shooter, but I could definitely see the appeal. The reloading mechanic was interesting and using the chainsaw to take down enemies was really satisfying.

Then we tried playing Raiden IV (which is the only Raiden game I hadn’t played, due to the Steam version I bought being super buggy, prompting me to get an immediate refund), and failed. We switched to Deathsmiles 2–and I had actually played the first Deathsmiles, so this was an interesting proposition. It was incredibly enjoyable. Like, every aspect of it was incredible. “Gothic-horror-fantasy bidirectional Cave shooter and also it’s Christmas” is literally the best game pitch. The Xbox 360 mode ran like absolute garbage, and the framerate would seemingly dip into the single digit territory whenever more than a few enemies were on screen shooting projectiles. It had a per-stage difficulty selection, so we breezed through the co-op mode quickly without any continues on my part. Of course I was like, “that was fun but way too easy”, so I tried the original arcade mode which not only ran perfectly but was much harder and had much more interesting enemy patterns. It’s definitely a game I’d like to try to practice and 1CC solo sometime if I can even manage to get my hands on it.

After that I tried After Burner Climax, and my face lit up when I found out I could play it with the soundtrack from After Burner II (which I love). It was ridiculously hard and super speedy. I liked it, but not enough to want to get good at it. I kept getting missiles thrown at my face until I gave up and used a ton of continues, which ran out.

Then we just chilled and played Worms Armageddon for like two hours.


The problem of Deathsmiles 2, per @Rudie, is that Satan Claws, the final boss, apparently literally threatens (CW) to rape the player’s characters or some such. I tagged him so that he can get in on it. He and I have talked about how there’s basically a line that every person has of “shit they are comfortable with” in games, and like Deathsmiles gets right up to that line for both of us, but that part of 2 goes right over that line into Nope Town. Which yeah, sucks, because otherwise it is a legit good time game.

Oh, uh. That’s fucking awful.

The entire game was in Japanese so I had no idea there was nasty shit in it

Yeah, same here. Hopefully Rudie can talk about it a bit more. It sucked, because before finding that out, I got really good at 1cc-ing it with Rei, but haven’t touched it since.

Your memory is as good as mine on this. I knew enough Japanese at the time to know what they were saying and have not gone back to it to give a more nuance and enlightened opinion about the themes. I wasn’t gonna to see what other ultra offensive stuff was buried in there so I could get mad on the internet and in person.

It’s a good game! Just…yeah.

What’d that cow ever do to you?


Was kinda excited to dive into Way of the Samurai 4, but then I popped the manual and discovered that it’s the type of game with a character named Melinda Megamelons

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Been playing Zen Pinball 2. My trip down the Pin rabbit hole continues. Enjoying said trip.

Ugh. Emulate the first one at least as it is iirc absent that sorta content