Games You Played Today Oratorio Tangram


Hahahaha why did i expect anything different from NIer.

im pretty sad now


tactics ogre: let us cling together owns so hard.

like, whoa,

have that uncomfortable feeling i’m missing way too much in terms of effiency, though. only a couple of battles ago i think the game’s systems started clickling on me. i also decided to grind a little, get my newly promoted rogue to lvl. 10 and gather skill points for the main party. early chapter 2, now.

heard the story was written having references in the yugoslav wars, which is obviously like catnip to me. hope i don’t end up having to kill god / some guy who wants to blow up earth and repopulate it with genome-soldiers or whatever (don’t tell me)


the psp version has much much worse balance and systems than the original



psp ver. popped up to me just because of sharper visual presentation tbh


you’re not the only one, it just makes me wish they never localized it again at all because they fucked it up so bad


Every time I hear someone say good things about Tactics Ogre, there’s a period of time where I think they’re a crazy person, because I keep getting it mixed up with Ogre Battle


I have decided Digital Dance Mix Vol 1 Namie Amuro has better 3D models than Persona 5 Dancing Star Night and Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night.


Well, I guess that’s Spider-Man in the bag. The costume you unlock for 100% completion is kinda superfluous, but did make me say “that’s one vascular pubis.”

On to Shadow of the Tomb Raider, a game I can’t say I really have any expectations for other than “sure hope I get to knock over some dusty columns when I jump from 'em.”


Hang On GP '95 is real bad but the soundtrack owns.


I appreciate Shadow of the Tomb Raider offering an “immersive language” option, where most of the locals in Mexico and Peru (so far) speak entirely in Spanish.

Of course, Lara only communicates to them in English, basically making her an honorary American.

Damn good looking game, even if there’s something just off enough about the characters to bug me.


I finally got around to starting up Persona 5. I’m only a few hours in and already it’s my favorite game since Red Dead Redemption. Just stunning in every imaginable way (Yakuza 0 which I’m also playing is quite good and probably rounds out my top three games of the last decade, fwiw).


this started loading finally when I started watching Devil May Cry 5 trailer with Dante. I was like, why the fuck did the metalcore music become so poppy suddenly?


I bought a Super NES Classic Edition. It is pretty cute.
Nintendo does a great job selecting titles for these things.
The game lineup is pretty close to the game collection I used to have.


Space Invaders 95 is a cool game I played it


Space Invaders 95 seems like it would go well with Galaga 88.


hector 87
galaga 88
space invaders 91
space invaders 95
tempest 2000


I was real disappointed when Space Invaders 2k18 turned out to be just a roster update


Gotta give it up to, uh, Eidos Montreal, for taking the single most dreaded thing about Tomb Raider of old (swimming), making it feels just about perfect and totally natural, and cramming those areas with instant death stealth encounters. Y’all almost had it!

Genuinely surprised how, uh, little combat there is in this game. I’ve had maybe, tops, two shootouts in this whole thing. Three if you wanna count the tomb full of wolves. It’s strange and refreshing, given how wave heavy the other reboot games were.

Probably at the half way/60% point so that could all change, but so far “more of the same” is scratchin’ that itch.


swimming was perfected in tomb raider 1 already, wut.


Ah well, to my (dis)credit, most of my deaths in the pre-Crystal Dynamics TR games come from my running headlong into a wall and getting gnawed to death by a bear or tiger or dinosaur or whatever as I try to turn around.