Games You Played Today Oratorio Tangram



I mean the P2 final gauntlet is incredible. Incredibly bad for blood pressure.


man my contribution to this was so incredibly minimal.


I played strip peace walker with someone once and even that was not enough to redeem it


Hey, at least you did contribute! And @LWJoestar, a new attempt could be really fun, but the question is definitely what game or game-making tool to use. Knytt Stories offered an accessible and intuitive level editor, required no programming knowledge whatsoever, and most importantly, it was completely free of charge. It was trivial to copy and paste rooms from each person’s submission level into the final version, which made organizing the event easy, but the game itself certainly has its limitations. I’d hope there’s something better available these days, but I have no idea what that would be.


Well, that’s my weekend sorted.


Huh. I wonder if the US version got toned down or something. I don’t remember it being that difficult


I wanted to be cool and do this thing and then my part ended up being really insubstantial because I couldn’t figure it out. Also in the writeup afterwards Jason was like, “Wow, this guy’s level was surrounded in bottomless pits!” or something. And I was like oh, it was? Bad memory


From Saltwater Breach was 07 or 08 iirc. Knytt stories was neat, good times


Finished up RE4 again for the first time in a decade.


i miss Knytt Stories

i think my favorite part besides the simple creation engine was that it was a wholly non lethal take on Metroidvania, all your skills were focused on making the world more easy and fun to navigate. And it felt really good, kinisthetically, once you had enough powers at your disposal.


Dragon Quest XI: how do people finish these things? i was ready for it to be over around Hour Ten.


got to a different character in nier automata, died and gotta go thru some stuff. HEartbreaking


Even for a DQ I found the first 10 hours especially humble and simplistic, but it does gradually show more and more promise from investment - real nice story and exploration/battle hooks come along around ~25 hours (mileage varies of course, so a couple chapters after getting your ship).


The music in this is surprisingly rockin’


oh fuck yes this is my jam


The air pressure and gravity sliders always made me :sob: as a kid


I played the Incredible Machine for like a year before I realized there were puzzles to solve and it wasn’t just a physics sandbox.

It was super fun anyway.

Still one of the best puzzle series ever, imo


dq8 has me hooked


work time fun works amazing on ppsspp except for this minigame based on der erlkonig by goethe, because you get an instant game over for some reason. i might be playing it wrong though. minigame compilations are an underexplored form. people already flip through ROMs like tv channels


Pretty close to having 100% completion in Spider-Man, and I guess the flaws are a bit more apparent.

Namely! Stuff that isn’t a main or side-mission just kinda drags. Each of the game’s districts have a certain number of random crimes you have to clear, but there’s an awful lot of overlap in mission styles between each of the factions.

I guess it was always gonna be that way by necessity, but it’s the last hurdle I have to the Platinum, and it feels like a grind.

There are also two side missions in particular that have their own mini-narratives. One is dull, and just tests how well you know where certain landmarks are in the city, but another involves a member of Spider-Man’s rogues gallery and is really pretty cool. Hopefully the inevitable sequel does more of those.