fun on the town with Jim Jarmusch

Reading reviews for The Dead Don’t Die and i’m delighted by how angry it made a bunch of very self-serious film people


The dead don’t die and Only Lovers Left Alive should honestly become the real Dark Universe

A Jarmusch Frankenstein and Invisible Man practically write themselves at this point, and The Shape of Water can be effortlessly retconned in

Then they all team up with Benicio del Toro, who is somehow still the Wolfman but it’s modern times now, and they lazily fight more zombies until they get bored


It also goes without saying that Willem Dafoe is both Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s Monster, and most of the movie is just them talking to each other, and also Bill Murray plays the voice of the invisible man but also a different character in all of the movies.

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Johnny Depp as Swamp Thing, but he’s playing his actual IRL self AS the swamp thing, which he is. IRL.


I would support the presence of Depp in these movies only if he played himself as a weird Monster Groupie who wanted to be One of the Gang but everyone was constantly trying to get him to go away


Please watch Paterson!! It’s so good!!

Here are my Jarmusch ratings:

Movie of the year

  • Paterson
  • Ghost Dog

Only movie I have a poster of (but it’s still below the other two)

  • Only lovers left alive


  • Broken Flowers
  • The dead don’t die

Just ok idk

  • Dead man
  • Coffee and cigarettes

Only Lovers Left Alive fans in here might also like Mystery Train. It’s got the same setting of living in the ruins of a civilization, but it’s Memphis instead of Detroit.


i havent watched paterson yet but since its on prime ill check it out report back when i do!

Damn straight.

Only Lovers… is my all time favorite Detroit movie.

I was worried it was going to be an exploitive back drop, but it was handled lovingly.

PS Robocop is the second worst Detroit movie after True Romance.

I want to rip on It Follows, but it perfectly captures suburban fears of the city. Plus I used to go to that ice cream place alll the time.

(If we’re including docs, Searching Sugar Man is probably the actual best Detroit movie. Everyone should have the experience of a movie explaining why your childhood neighbor wore cool leather vests all the time.)


Patterson is probably my favorite movie of 2017 and just feels like such a perfectly realized slice of life and ideal ruminations on the ecstasy and frustration of art and finding one’s place in the world that it makes me delighted that I finally have a way to express how I feel on these subjects but angry that I couldn’t express it until the film hit the same wavelength

I couldn’t stand only lovers left alive. I like limits of control.

Limits and Coffee’n’Cigz are the only Jarms that’ve ever got on my bad side

Dead Man is basically the good Depp movie that isn’t Ed Wood and Scissorhands, important

Only Lovers I should probably try at some point

so far my favorite thing about jim jarmusch movies is they progress at their own pace and you just kinda have to deal with it

not to say they are boring. there’s lots of details - background objects, themes, conversational recursion, subtle facial expressions, etc - to pay attention to while you wait for a character to say something. but i appreciate movies which strike a good middle ground between mile-a-second and agonizingly slow

the reviews for TDDD are painfully stupid in this regard. the reviewers are upset there’s no narrative mainline or whatever, just a bunch of random threads which have no “satisfying” conclusion and awkward people having awkward conversations. which is the point! that’s where the jokes come from!


Count me in as a Dead Don’t Die fan. Iggy Pop was perfectly cast. I loved all the goofy trappings for RZA’s cameo.



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I was seriously wondering if that was an ad lib or not.


just saw paterson. wow.

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i got really distracted near the end of paterson because they were sitting in front of the bridge where rusty irish gets whacked in the sopranos


i wrote some poems after not writing any for years, because i liked paterson, so mission accomplished jim jarmusch


watxhing ghost dog