pretty much all Dragon Quests are paced around occasional short session play. The quest structure is usually episodic and party chat helps remind you of what you were doing when you last played.


My favorite piece of DQ media from the past couple of years was probably that midnight timeslot Japanese TV show Yuusha Yoshihiko. I have a lot of tolerance for broad Japanese TV humor, though, and the show is so, so stupid, but whatever I laughed at like 95% of it anyways.

DQ5 and 8 are the shit.
DQ7 is certainly something that I put over 100 hours into, but I basically can’t remember a single thing about.
It’s too bad that I will probably never have enough time to dedicate to a full DQ game again even on mobile, but I’m 100% certain I’ll wind up buying DQ8 if it ever comes out for the 3ds anyways.

The Rocket Slime series though I will continue to play every single one that is ever released until the end of time.


Everyone has energy for the DQ7 3DS port. I have also played that whole dang game. I uhh dont understand everyone complaining about the final boss sword-dance breaks the game and then it is all about finding more ways to break the game.

What makes me go heck know is the shard searching. The shards can be hidden anywhere in the world. I cannot imagine combining pick up put down play with trying to remember what parts of the world you have absolutely searched everything for. DQ7 has the worst kleptomania/OCD in video games. In any other JRPG you might get a special strong weapon for that kind of perverse perseverance it is hard coded as part of the game design in DQ7.

Followed up on this and some of the characters’ delivery makes me laugh with a force I thought was like institutionally beyond Japanese entertainment’s capacity to stimulate so I’m hooked now, fuck


I read that they had somehow ‘fixed’ the shard searching in 3DS DQ7

I got hung up on DQ7’s odd localization in the early areas multiple times, and I could never properly emulate the darn thing. But, I am willing to lay down my life for the 3DS version. I will make it through this time.

[quote=“cask, post:23, topic:480, full:true”] Yuusha Yoshihiko

I can’t figure out the word they use at about 1.18. something like chokochou, translated as space case. anyone?

@bhendahu I believe the word you are looking for is “ochokkochoi,” i.e. birdbrain.

As opposed to “chokuchou,” which means rectum.

Are any of the iOS Dragon Quest ports worth playing

From what i can tell, they’re virtually the same as the SFC ports only they all use the DQ3 SFC visual style (to varying effect – the monster sprites look really blown up and ugly, for one). They were also localized by the same folks who have done the recent English releases from 8 onward, and they use the symphonic suite arrangements of the music. DQ3 iOS actually has LESS than the SFC version (no monster animations or Pachisi/Tricks’n’Traps boards).

No idea what you have to do for iOS emulation, but i use an Android and there’s nothing to the mobile releases that makes them obviously better than emulating SNES.

That’s all in reference to 1-2-3. DQ4 and 5 mobile are literally just iOS ports of the DS versions.

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@cask ah, thank you!

the mobile dq ports are all fine besides 8 which runs badly

(& dq4 has the party chat they removed from the western ds version)

they use the symphonic suite arrangements of the music

nah it’s all midi, even dq7/8

Oh, yeah i just rewatched some video and it’s more like a MIDI imitation of the symphonic suite. It’s especially noticeable with the battle themes.

DQ3 is really good on iOS - doesn’t have the super noticeable scaling that plagues especially the first and second games. Put about 15 hours into that one so far, but I sadly pretty much had to retire my (dataless) iPhone 4S as the media audio seems to be inconsistent to the point where it’s mostly a silent phone outside of ringing and notifications.

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The battle screen fiends seem very well animated indeed in DQV iOS, like Metal Slug good

Speaking of, I’m now at the point where the game has turned into Pokemon - which of the inevitably hefty bestiary are actually worth recruiting, levelling up and arming?

Thanks yall. I have just an OG ipad mini. I wasn’t sure about 3, but since it’s dirt cheap and has your endorsement I’ll give it a shot.

Also: @brooks I played through DQV on DS and my main impression of the monster training aspect is that it totally does not matter, just relax and have fun and get the cutest team. But I wasn’t exactly trying to figure out how to break the battle system or anything like that. Maybe I should have paid more attention?

My biggest gripe with DQ3 via iOS is that you can’t use landscape view at all. You have to use portrait view at all times. It makes the game easy to play with one hand, but when you really want that “gaming” feel with the two-handed grip, you’re SOL.

(This actually causes a few issues where you can see things in the extra vertical space that were hidden off-screen in the NES/SFC/GBC versions. Not too terribly annoying considering the vintage of the game, and it’s nice to be able to take in more of the scenery at once.)

Unless I got lucky with the monsters who happened to join up with me, even the better earlier ones pulled their fair weight. I had a basic slime with solid equipment for a bunch of the middle third of the game and it worked fairly well. My final party had a rock golem and a confused looking wildcat as my primary backup party member. The only thing I’d say would be rather helpful is that I had a cureslime in the backup wagon so that I could easy heal everyone up between battles where the wagon was present.

I found Dragon Quest VI DS for $12 at a swapmeet. I couldn’t play through the game on SNES because the character designs looked really ugly to me but maybe now I can handle it with smoothed out DS graphics.

Tell me about DQVI!

It’s bad don’t play it.

It uses a dual world scenario to zero effect. The worlds are identical (oh the grass is a slightly darker shade of green) and same NPCS and it’s lazy horrible game design. About 15 hours into the game it abandons having a plot and just tells you to “I don’t know explore lol.”