there’s no timing element
it’s very random early on and not really worth making sure everything comes out perfect

later you have way more techniques including a bunch with a higher crit chance and you can really obsess over forging everything to +3


you can also craft a ‘perfect’ weapon without getting all of the bars to turn yellow, as long as you’re really close on most and have a few that are right on the money you can still get it

“appraise” will tell you it’ll turn out ‘brilliantly’ if you are going to get a +3


Was all useful, cheers ye

Dundrasil today, got me a Jade and a Rab and holy shit I’m overlevelled by about 10 lol

Time to hunt dragonballs now apparently

The orchestral soundtrack mod is quite nice!


Fuck yeah just saved my game via a drunk nun

I am also drunk


I forget where the Builders topic is, but my 6 year old with very little supervision or even assistance has created both a functioning railroad/rollercoaster thing as well as a bunch of those pushers at right angles that fling you along a set path

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I swear this kid is gonna turn out to be an engineer

The other one… I dunno, probably the funniest DOC inmate


I was gonna say that something like DQ Builders is probably the only way I could ever connect with a child in a meaningful way. I wouldn’t know what to do or say around a child. Don’t know how to communicate. But then I remembered my civil service working with kids with disabilities and that I did just fine there. So maybe I’m not all that bad with kids(, you just have to force me to interact with them under the threat of jail time lol)


kids aren’t that hard to talk to, just humour and encourage them


I’m at least good at the encourage part


He’s 6! I didn’t even tell him how the rails worked, or even what they were.


The final party char shouldn’t have been a surprise but I was still surprised


Purple orb boss was way too grimdark for a DQ/Toriyama skeleton. Bad

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I am very into this skywhale but very not into what the plot cost was
I was looking forward to bit more sass

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So I think I must be in the aftergame now but uh is any of it actually worth doing? Am I just destined for a heap more palette swaps and some dungeon recycling?


I’m also interested in knowing this. Also, are there any new party members in the postgame? if so, don’t tell me who it is, just tell me whether there is one.


Like if I send my Luminary back in time all my other guys are going to lose all their levels right
We’re all at nearly Lv 80 at this point
I don’t think I can be arsed to re-level again unless there’s some really hot shit out/back there


If I recall, they will keep their levels but their equipment will be all the stuff they had on back then, so be sure to unequip good gear before time travel

Oh and the added story stuff was definitely worth it

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They’re back at those levels but get a BOOST to match up not long after.

Continuing reveals a lot more on the larger world history and overarching conflict, various events will be undone and turned on their head. The post-game’s really a lot more substantial than might’ve been let on; you’d basically be stopping well short of true bad / true end.

But yes plenty of palette swaps and some grindy retread work.

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Plot wise I’m kind of happy with just having pwned the devilman really
Erdrea seems in a pretty decent place now and will probably recover from its injuries