for true doom MONHUN HEADS


i still love all the weapons for different reasons and i want to spend more time with all of them


i hit a horrendous roadblock halfway thru HR story and managed to overcome thanks to learning how to switch axe. finishing the final boss with a zero sum discharge to the dome was :ok_hand::ok_hand: good shit :ok_hand::ok_hand:


*** trumpetous fanfare ***


somehow i got not one, but two earplug 3 decorations last night hunting normal-ass high rank stuff

is the drop rate on those generous or did i just use up all my good luck for the year?


those are not on a particularly rare tier, in my experience! you probably still have some luck left


shameless cross-promotion


i gotta start playing this and i think i’m gonna go Full Bard and go all-in on the hunting horn, is this viable/advisable Y/N


very yes


All weapons are soloable. Just choose the one that resonates with you.


yeah hh rules even more than ever afaik


i like to answer SOSes & i’m basically always happy when i get a HH user in an SOS party


one time i fired off an SOS & 3 hunting horn users joined

wildlife pummeled by local jazz trio + axe wielding barbarian, news @ 11


Hunting Horn does not get enough love so hell yeah

afaik it’s the only weapon that actually makes you run faster, which I envy tremendously


And doesn’t give a damn about how sharp it is, every single one (IIRC?) has that song that lets you swing without bouncing.


hunting horn is so good

god i wanna use it more

i can’t find enough time for all the weapons why are they all so goooooood


Probably the worst thing about monhun for me is that when it rains, it pours. Every fifty hours or so I’ll get either a bad streak of hunts or that one hunt that is so disastrous it feels like my life is falling apart.

This may be unique to my experience though, based on how my brain works. Certain things make different people impatient faster, and let me tell you, running around for ten minutes to find a monster, only to get trampled three times before it flies away again whams my angry button.


i cant get into it guys what am I doing wrong. I love the presentation and the packaging of tje game elements. everything just keeps scratching the tedium part of my brain and refusing to grab me.


Do it with friends. Get wrecked together.


changing weapons can help


yeah this is usually the tip people need in my experience

though i’ve also seen plenty of people bounce off their first monster and not really click til their second so idk