Final Fantasy XIV



Jesus man, the grind! I’m so close to finishing ARR but there is a point where the story quest drops you at level 46 and wants you to level up to 49 until you can pick it up again. I really, really enjoyed the level 46 story quests. You go to rescue some companions from an Imperial base and there are lots of cutscenes and the story just finally develops.

But jeeeesus, is leveling slow at that point! I don’t even want to think about how long it takes to level once you’re in the 50s or 60s… All I can do is grind fates and gain a little sliver of the exp bar at a time… fuck this, man. But I so want to finish the story and finally activate my Stormblood code.

About that. I bought Stromblood on Steam but the account that’s linked to Steam isn’t the one I’m playing with… So I can’t activate the Steam code for my account! I asked for a refund, explaining that I can’t actually use the code and that I haven’t played the game since I bought Stormblood, but all Steam saw was that I have 300+ hours in FFXIV and denied my request. :-/ So, I bought Stormblood again some days ago when it was on sale. But now I didn’t get the preorder only Ala Mhigan earrings that give you 10% extra xp when you’re level 50 or below. Totally kicking myself in the ass because of missing out on that. Grrrrr!

Well, back to the grind I guess!


Oh and I was sexually harassed in a way. Someone with a huge, fat chocobo head came up to me and went into a pose that made it look like he was kissing me. Beak and lips locked. I backed away but he did it again. So I tried to teleport out of there but he sent me a trade request that stopped my teleport. I turned around and just ran far, far away and then teleported. Made me feel icky!


Here is an extremely important tip: find a group of 7 other people willing to let you watch cutscenes as you go through the level 49/50 instances. Otherwise you will have an extremely bad time. They made a very, very poor decision to stick a bunch of important story scenes in the middle of the instance, and most players there now are running roulettes and want to speed through ASAP. You will probably be left behind and locked out of boss fights as they rush.

If you want to gain some levels quickly, either do roulettes, or if you’re paying a DPS, try out the deep dungeon whose name I’m forgetting. The latter might “spoil” some of your higher level class skills if you get that far, though.


Oh boy, now I gotta worry about that too, huh… How am I going to find SEVEN people, I am a social outcast. :laughing: I could just watch the instances beforehand to see the cutscenes but fuck that, I want to see them with my character and make screenshots. That’s where I get all my joy out of this game.

I had done my roulettes already and now I can do them again, so now I’m going to hopefully make the jump to 49. I did some fate grinding and even leves for what felt like forever, then I couldn’t take it anymore and just did a dungeon, then I went to the deep dungeon but couldn’t even clear the first set of floors, died on floor 9. As a warrior I’m probably not perfectly equipped to do that… Although part of it is just that I suck. I’ll go through it with a party again because I was able to clear 1-10 with a matched party before and that was rather breezy, as I recall. I’m just sort of anxious to go further because I suck and don’t want to let my party down.

That fear is somewhat unwarranted though. I feel like I only let my party down once and that wasn’t even a big deal, so I should be less worried about that. When I last did Aurum Vale our healer failed us two times and then admitted he was drunk, in drunken English. He failed a third time and we decided to disband. It was sorta hilarious. I wasn’t even mad.


i can’t believe i got drunk on friday and commissioned fan art of my ffxiv character


yeah the end of 2.0/ARR is so many different kinds of awful.

i especially love how the story’s anti-empire strategy is “when the empire chooses to attack everywhere at once, WE will choose to defend everywhere at once while you just go do whatever it is warriors of light do because heck if we have a plan”

if you’re not dps just run whatever the highest dungeon you can run repeatedly, it’s the fastest way at that point.

deep dungeon’s good too, but it’s not balanced for solo play.

aurum vale is legitimately one of the harder dungeons of the game. i actually really enjoyed it relative to the rest of the content, while everyone else seems to absolutely loathe it. it’s great.


I think this is more “people are dumb/rushing” and less “this is hard”

the last boss was great because it gave me a reason to spam Holy

my party? maybe it’ll teach them to dodge Bad Breath


My problem with Aurum Vale is I always seem to draw it as like, the first dungeon back after a break, and/or when I’m drunk. Or the tank/healer (whichever I’m not) is drunk. Anyway it’s fun to pull the entire first room in the poison pits.


my experience with ff14 is that the drunker the tank is, the smoother the run

so i don’t see the problem here


everyone knows being drunk means you make better decisions

decisions like pulling everything


true power comes from both the tank and the healer being drunk


hooo boy, I finally finished A Realm Reborn today, meaning the first level 50 content. that part where you get a credits scene that’s two hours long. yeah, that. I recorded the two final dungeons with OBS and it was glorious. someone here told me I should get a crew of 7 other people together to do them because otherwise I might have problems with people skipping the cutscenes and progressing without me. something to that extent. of course I don’t have any friends and played with randos

well, I didn’t have that problem after all

what did happen though was that I didn’t do anything. I was a tank (warrior) and I didn’t do any tanking. or DPS. I just mostly pulled back and enjoyed the shitshow. It was a little bit sad, a little bit funny, a little bit of everything, really.

I did love the cutscenes and the music and just the whole presentation and spectacle of it. that was baller. I had fun for two hours! just the “gameplay” wasn’t there. but hey, it’s only a videogame right

I kinda want to upload the video and ask you peeps what actually happened there. I mean, people can’t be really overpowered in those instances, can they? they are capped to level 50 and their gear is capped at some level too, right? so how come there were dudes who could just pull ALL the mobs and kill them super swiftly all at once? I really don’t get what happened

maybe I’ll upload the video later but for now I just want to say: this was pretty fun and it only took me 380 hours and multiple characters to get this far, now I played through like 1/8 of the story content yippieeeeeeee



No it’s all gonna be like this until you get caught up. Have fun.


but why :sob:


people are tired of running the stuff so they just speedrun it, sorry :frowning:

also just a heads up: the story quests between ARR and HW are really drawn out & kind of a slog. HW & SB are waaaay better paced & worth sticking thru those for


I think they actually tuned power scaling so that the old caps are more like suggestions, now that there’s higher stuff out there and you HAVE to go through these old endgames to get to it.

Not that it wasn’t already being speed-farmed by randos back before Heavensward. Just that it’s even easier now.


at least those quests have a roulette now. i had to wait like an hour in queue for them :no_good_woman:


no, I get that, that they speedrun it, I just didn’t think they’d be so overpowered while doing it. I thought I could still, you know, participate

oh yeah fo sho, I could commence within seconds. It was so fast I thought I was doing stuff alone but no, 8 people parties


arr post 2.0 killed my will to play this game, even for friends i desperately wanted to play with. it was just bad.

i hear it’s better with HW but uhhh yeah have fun.