Final Fantasy XIV


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at least on my server (faerie) the only non hub area that feels super busy is yanxia because everyone is trying to farm those fox ears from a fate

also i’m so happy bard is fun again


astro was my first to 70 and i nearly have bard there and i am SO happy with both


also i haven’t played a ton of samurai (melee dps isn’t really my thing) but red mage feels really well put together even at 50. i wasn’t around for 3.0 machinist & astro but it seems like they’ve done a much better job at introducing new classes this time


RDM seems fun, but I’ve got no time for DPS queues, and I already did my time in PotD, and I have the cool hat to prove it.


my favorite thing about this game is still that there’s a status effect caused by goblins cussing you that can only be cured by another player using the sooth emote at you


I’ve been blazing through the ARR content for the first time as a THM (Level 30) but I also have a GLD (Level 22) which is making me actually like playing as a tank in dungeons et al.


if you’re liking it at that level, just wait. it gets better and better, and paladins rule now.


i think im getting into this game :confused: my current character is on goblin but i might restart idk


Is anybody still playing this? The game dumped me on Siren (incidentally also the server I played on in FFXI). Didn’t we used to be able to choose what city we started in? I wound up in Gridania instead of Ul’dah. :slightly_frowning_face:

I wish I could get into my old account – I had an Onion Helm and stuff.


i’m still playing,
i think the city is based off the class you choose


The armor that makes you look like a Final Fantasy Tactics character make up for all of the subligars.

(Should I be learning a craft or something?)


it’s really not necessary


some people seem to really enjoy it. i’ve tried fishing, mining, and goldsmithing, but they all kind feel like boring chores to me. i guess the thrill might be working the auction house for gil once you’ve got a trade capped, but it feels like such a long and tedious road to get there when i could be raiding, or even just making my own fun and wandering the world… or, you know, taking breaks to play other games or do things that don’t seem like such a menial timesink.


i got to around 25 in all my crafts before i was like ‘wait this isn’t fun’


i got a couple of crafts ~20 and enjoyed them, but sort of just forgot about them while working through the msq. almost at 50 now !!


I’m told having a couple crafts can be helpful to fill time while waiting for DPS queues.


the purpose of crafts is to make money for your gearing situation and if you’re not tanking or feeding an FC you probably don’t need to worry about it


why is tanking suffering in every mmo anyway

like are there not enough players who don’t want to do it or something