Final Fantasy XIV


i don’t care about any of the leading edge stuff

played it tons and always had fun, felt comfy, etc

breaks are good! i can understand feeling like you’re done with an mmo! been there

still, i’m a bit excited for stormblood even though idk if i’ll get to it right away


lol yeah i’ve never done like progression raiding or anything like that, i just think it’s fun to do dungeons and dress fancy

(i play machinist on faerie btw)

BBP i’m mostly sure that stormblood includes heavensward too, so unless you really wanna jump into it (there’s an unfortunate amount of fetch quest-y stuff between the main game & HW) you can just skip buying HW for now


Can confirm, although HW doesn’t unlock until SB does (i.e. at early access if you preorder or official launch if you don’t)


i caught enough of the live letter today to know i’m done with this game

the combat changes are basically removal of cross-class actions (instead there’s a pool of Role Actions for each type, tank/healer/etc) and not much else. accuracy is gone too. you’ve got fancy blazblue meters on screen for each class to keep track of their class gimmicks instead of needing to stare at tiny numbers on the buff bar.

warriors get FIVE FELL CLEAVES

overall combat flow is unchanged from previous versions, progression is unchanged, etc etc. same game except now you’ve got bigger on screen hud items for the things you’re trying to keep track of.


oh man i was interested if they were gonna streamline combo inputs to one button or w/e. make drg life easier


They apparently did do this!

…For PvP actions

…Which are now completely separate and unique from PvE actions


why even have one or two rotations

why even have buttons

why not just ask players if they think red is a good color or not and give them gear based on the answer


Yes because if this game has one problem it’s that there just aren’t enough buttons on my hotbar /s


Oh thanks for that info, @physical and @LWJoestar, that makes it even easier!


the only reason i ever did pvp in this game was for the armor, because damn the pvp armor sets are some of the best in the game. they know how to make you chase that carrot.


I may get back into this the SQUEENIX sent out an E-Mail blast to anyone who had FFXIV on the PS3 and let them know they qualify for a free upgrade to the PS4 version. Even though I have this on the PC…I’ll probably switch to the PS4 because I bet it looks better


damn…if id waited two moer days for my excitement…its be 28 days later


isn’t like, barnstorm out or whatever

how yall feel about that


my fc discord is lighting up again but i just tried to play ffxi and stalled out at character creation so i might sleep on this a while



Sorry for stealing your post but part 2 is out and I’m so hyped to watch it. Well, I’m almost done watching! It’s so badass how they revamped this game. I like the bit about the story going bonkers at the end of 1.0, where the writers had free reign over what they could do. And of course how they worked the events of 1.0 transitioning into ARR into the story. Good stuff!


The “haunting song” and atmosphere at the end of 1.0


just finished the initial main story of stormblood

best yet, easily

i mean, best storyline of all the ffxiv iterations and expansions thus far, benefiting greatly from the history it now has while pushing its frontiers. also one of the best stories told in a final fantasy game straight up.

yes, it remains a mmorpg and very much so… but there’s never been one quite like this as far as i know


I hope it picks up, because I’m just getting into Fantasy China and everything about the conflict and characters is a big step down from Heavensward. I really don’t like the Imperial stuff, particular the boring ass new villain. The Ruby Sea is a really cool zone, though, probably the coolest they’ve done in a while. Already it’s shockingly empty of players, though.


I keep hearing that Stormblood Is the game that will Make You Cum or something, so…definitely, if I eve have money again, I will start playing this