Final Fantasy XIV


Also, interesting choice by Squeenix to lampshade the fact that the Walking Sands didn’t have teleport crystal which makes it a terrible choice as an HQ, offer you a new HQ that does have a teleport crystal, then immediately make you go through 10 hours of fetch/hide-and-seek quests around the old HQ anyways

Also also moenbryda :frowning:


our hearts bleed as one

easily my favourite character after like 10min of cutscenes


the maid attire thirst is real


after awhile, every time ‘the waking sands’ shows up in a mission description i groaned. it was just filler near the end: this will take the players an extra X minutes to complete because we are obligated to make them waste time on this crap


so it is said to be the end of the road of this game mid june.
Will they do something nice like they did before the reboot and crush the world, Zelda MM-style?


end of the road? with the new expansion dropping? huh?


hm? that sounds weird, yes.
supposedly states that you can play it free from may onwards, and that servers will be shut down mid of june. Since I do not parse moonspeak, I have to go by the crying/haters that seem to understand what’s going on there, but if that info is wrong, then that’s fine w/ me!


it’s just the ps3 version


ohhh, yeah. no more ps3 support. new expansion for everyone else!


I’m slowly playing through ffxi on its least populated server with a friend, stoked to someday play through ffxiv when it reaches the same level of decline


so i got into a healthy relationship and also cleared all content that doesn’t require the very best gear or a dedicated group to unlock and like, i’ve barely touched this for months

is this just what happens with MMOs?




i’m really curious about this ivalice raid, but man do i bounce off this game hard whenever i try to play it again every couple of months.

maybe if there was action-based combat and the characters/enemies had actual collision with each other, and end-game content didn’t boil down to “have a wired internet connection and make sure you don’t stand in the circle, but then stand in the circle”

it’s a curse that i love everything about this game but the game.


i’ve been wondering the same thing since i unsubbed like 2 months ago
it’s not fun anymore, idk


i mean, i think we’re just not built to do one thing for hours and hours without end

which says a lot about me and my failures, but

for fun, i mean

i love the game (including the game) but, like, i need to do something else after a while, you know? looking forward to stormblood and i’m sure i’ll dip in for a while at some point, but am i gonna play it for more than another 2-3 months? i won’t say never, but i think it’s unlikely and that’s honestly just fine. like, ffxiv has from time to time been among the best times i’ve had with video games, straight up. and i often miss it. but it is still an mmo and i think we shouldn’t be surprised when we burn out, or find our way back to more presently engaging things in life, or at the very least need an extended break. as much as i enjoy the social aspect and having from time to time played with some of you folks who i consider friends, i treat it as a sort of enduring and evolving rpg experience that i like to drop into here and there, to see what’s new and remember what i loved about it until the very moment where i realize i’ve had my fill and it’s time for other things


i think i sunk too much time into it initially and just didn’t pace myself since, a) i’ve never really played one of these mmo things before and b) my penchant for escapism is tbh, beyond unhealthy levels anyway. i def had fun when i did play most of the time.

it’s a cool game, i just can’t play it anymore.

the real world started creepin’ in and that’s when i sort of mentally detached and couldn’t engage with it the way i used to. it’s weird because i still miss it too and think about playing but, that’s different from actually logging in and committing myself. it was fun while it lasted.

and maybe you’re right. maybe it wasn’t meant to be played for really long stretches of time but considering my situation and how i tend to have nothing but time, well. . .yeah


I’m in the same boat. I play stuff intensely for a while, like a madman, really, it overtakes everything else in my life and then after a few days or weeks I’m like, well, that’s over now. The energy and passion is gone. Doesn’t matter what it is. But then, I’m bipolar so who knows what that’s got to do with anything.

Still, wanna buy stormblood even though I don’t even have heavensward. I want those preorder ala mhigan earrings that give you a 30% exp boost! I’m level 45 warrior right now, so the campaign is almost over (ends at 50). I’ll then buy heavensward, which is really cheap now, and play through that. Over many months no doubt, because, as I said, I can’t stick to things


I’m the same way, actually. I came at this game hard and played pretty aggressively for like a year or two, we’re talking logging in every day to do dailies and all that stuff. Usually hit my tomestone cap every week. Joined a guild and started doing endgame content. Mained a tank and guided a lot of newer players through stuff. Watched guides, studied numbers. Wrote macros.

so maybe it is a bit disingenuous to say that i love the game, except for the game. i clearly loved the game enough to devote many hours of my free time to it at one point.

still, now I can’t even touch the thing. It’s like my interest just flat out expired (and I have experienced this phenomenon with many games I’ve been deeply into) and what’s gone is gone. It’s like what zeal said: it’s a cool game, but I just can’t play it anymore.


i am willing to say this is one of the most boring mmos i have ever played

i’m told it’s fun if you’re on the leading edge

but staying on the leading edge is a full time job in itself, so.


by the way

the new combat changes are being announced on the 22nd

i’m expecting to be disappointed so i won’t be very disappointed probably