Final Fantasy XIV


Flash is nice, but Overpower is just as good and has a much more satisfying animation. Provoke, on the other hand, is an essential “oh shit I need that guy off the healer NOW” button.


It really just helps a bit with the aiming if you’ve got enemies all around you and you can’t get everyone into the overpower aoe. But I feel like flash doesn’t work as well as overpower? Takes me like 3 flashes for what I can do with one or two overpower. It is more satisfying indeed and it does damage, too :sunglasses:

I’m pretty happy with MRD so far I have to say. It’s quite fun to play. If you asked me what role I’d like to play in an MMO I’d probably say DPS but it somehow happened that I tried out tanks first and now I’m cool with that. The act of tanking is very simple once you’re in the midst of battle and the only stress for me is pulling mobs. I have terrible orientation and sense for direction and I never know where the fuck we’re going, so I’m not the born leader. I’m always afraid I’ll fuck up with a few steps too many in the wrong direction. But as long as somebody marks targets for me or points me in the right direction I’m fine.


Flash is the skill you slot in when you’re leveling up MRD after having done GLD/PLD and you’re feeling too lazy to aim Overpower

More importantly, GLD gets the improved Flash trait, which is half the utility of it later on (blind is a bunch of free mitigation), so, yeah, Overpower.


Stupid question probably but that trait doesn’t carry over to MRD once I’ve unlocked it with GLD, right? My MRD Flash stays shitty


Traits are class specific and don’t carry over, yeah.

Flash is the “oh, I should really be conserving TP” skill. It’s pretty useful even later on. Provoke is the one I had to suffer grinding GLD up for; I hate tanking with that class, it’s like having a tank with no fun buttons.


it’s a lot more fun at 60 now, but… yeah


brief aside that I don’t wanna make a new thread for – are any of y’all FFXI veterans? how do you feel about FFXI?


It’s an old video but it still holds true. It covers the very basics

P. S. I didn’t play FFXI


'Nother newbie question: Is a lvl 30 Warrior stronger than a lvl 30 Marauder? Should I just abandon MRD if I want it easier and go with Warrior? Do my story quests as WAR, I mean


As far as I know, there isn’t really much of an advantage to sticking with a class once you unlock the job that naturally extends it. I guess you give up the flexibility of a bunch of cross class actions, but many of the more focused mechanics (tanking stances and whatnot) are job only.

Going into early floors of Palace of the Dead as a base class isn’t such a bad idea, as it lets you bring along stuff like protect/heal.


Yeah, the only advantage to being in non-job state is that you get more cross-class actions, which is basically a net loss for nearly every class.

There are cases where you get skills that are more party focused, so might be worse for soloing that way, but otherwise you might as well stick with it so you get used to it.


Gotcha! And you do have more strength and VIT as warrior as well, I just checked it myself, so there’s that too. I don’t know what I was thinking. Marauder levels up too if you use warrior so there’s really no point


And I still have my Flash cross class action, which is the only one I used anyway


As far as War cross skills go, other than the essential Flash:

Convalescence (GLD 10) is a must.

Second Wind (PUG 8) is nice. Internal Release (PUG 12) if you want to do more damage. (Featherfoot (PUG 4) really ain’t that hot, but if you’re tanking a lot of dudes at once it has its moments.)

Provoke (GLD 22) is nice but not strictly necessary until raid stuff becomes a thing way late.


been thinking of leveling warrior to go with my scholar but it’s probably too much of a grind to keep them both geared up when i hit 60 so idk

would be nice if i could decide on whether i want to tank or heal!


i heard that inventory is going to be increased
as someone who has gone down the omincraft road,
i sincerely pray that this is true

i’m having a hard time lvling battle classes and crafts
at the same time. i’m stubborn and even tho i’m in a
nice guild i don’t wanna ask for anything so i keep
stopping to make HQ gear on my own

not exactly efficient but i’m learning the market
and the self-sufficiency is satisfying


Rolling as a 54 warrior on Diabolos - the grind between ARR content and HW content is unreal.

(though the Hildebrand quests are by far the best part of the game so far.)


believe in u. warrior is good fun, the HW skills especially


hildibrand should be the main story imo


FFXIV storylines I’ve experienced so far ranked in order from most awesome to decidedly least awesome

Hildibrand >>>> Ixal Sky Pirates > Kobold garbagemen > Crystal Tower (Wild West Nero is the shit) > Gauis van Balsar stuff > Sylph chosen one > Doman relocation > Company of Heroes fetch quests before Titan fight