Final Fantasy XIV


chocobo racing rules, fuck the haters

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still recovering from the horror of trying out ffxi in 2003

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Is Steam vs Squeenix Store just a matter of which launcher one prefers?


you get stuck in the same ecosystem for expansions and subscriptions and any deals you might get but otherwise yes afaik

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Yeah, it’s extremely important to know, and remember at all times, that whichever one you choose, you are stuck with forever, because you can’t cross the streams.


yeah I bought stormblood for the steam version but I had two square enix accounts, one was my steam login and the other bound to another email address. I played mostly with my other account and the steam account just has very low level characters. so, I couldn’t use the expansion with the account I wanted. I had to buy stormblood again and register it to the other email address/account. I was pretty pissed but I guess I just should have known. Don’t let it happen to you!

What I do now is I start the game from Steam but log in to the ffxiv launcher with the other account, not the steam account. Works just fine. (I don’t know how I ended up making things so complicated but whatever)


I want to add y’all to my friends list but as was said earlier in this thread, you have to be online to do that. So why don’t we log in on Sunday and add each other? I looked up a time that should work for East and West coast North Americans and Europeans. I guess we need another meetup for Australian folks, unless they like to get up early, but this is the best I could come up with that should include most people who play right now:

Sun 05/19 21:00 [CEST] (Berlin)
Sun 05/19 15:00 [EDT] (New York)
Sun 05/19 12:00 [PDT] (Los Angeles)
Mon 05/20 05:00 [AEST] (Sydney)

I’ll be online a couple of hours before and after that so there’s a bigger time window

Keep in mind we can now add friends from other worlds, so come even if you’re not on Faerie. But maybe it’s restricted to people on the same data center?

Someone wanted to make a linkshell for us but I forget who. Maybe they can join up too and do that?

Would this work for y’all? Do you even care?


oh yeah i’ve been hitting up sbers on faerie and friending them, i’ve missed you somehow. what’s your char’s name?

i’m benio obzedat on there if you want to catch me (lol)


Ah, that’s great!

Swarbryda Keimwyn

I’m online right now if you want, for maybe another half hour, it’s late

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your company invite got canceled without me ever seeing it or doing anything? Sorry, that was not on purpose, maybe it’s because I was in some menus?


oh you know i pretty much sent it and immediately logged off, it’s probably my fault. i’m on and off a lot lately i’ll definitely hit you again sometime soon


That makes sense, yeah.

Look at all these tall ladies! (and my metallic blue phase)


Finished ARR MSQ, did the noctis questline and now just need to make 60k more gold saucer points to get the car. Once that is done I can go back to spending my casino winnings on triple triad cards


I’m resubbing - hmu @ level 68 WAR Cask Sourmash if you see me online and i’ll donate to the housing till. I’m somewhere halfway through the MSQ of Stormblood but my main thing I like doing is running old dungeons (Toto’rak all day every day) so don’t hesitate to let me know if you want to run one and need a tank.

I was the main tank in my old group of friends who are constantly threatening to resub but looks like we are pretty set on ROE Warriors so I might try leveling a samurai or white mage if we get a good group going.


I got the ride. It’s really cool! :+1:

I’m torn between Chocobo racing and doing the MSQ and am switching between those two activities. FFXIV is a game I can spend a whole day in and wonder where the time went at 4 am.

Also it’s cool to be part of the clan! I don’t have much money to give, sadly. I don’t know where I spent it all! I mean after ARR you have around a million gil and now I have 160k… Maybe I deposited some of it and forgot about it lol


we don’t particularly need money at the moment, but if you have a craft leveled to 50ish definitely pop into the workshop and see if you can add anything to the current workshop project (hq only or you’re demoted !!!)

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fuck i am one level away from red mage and i just met somebody and like this game


Craft no, but I’ve got miner to 50, so I could provide the raw materials, if that’s useful. I’ve never been part of a free company, so I don’t know how this workshop works. I’ll give it a look!


yall really makin’ me wish I could afford a resub

and shadowbringers

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FYI I logged in today and apparently you get 7 free days of playtime until June 17th - the 7 day starts from when you log in with an expired account.

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