Final Fantasy XIV


i need to figure out how to get screenshots off my ps4 without posting them to twitter so i can flood this thread with ridiculous outfits


I blew 2K today just because I found out my hair could be pink and blue at the same time.

So what I am saying it that I get it.


USB drive will do it easily.


yeah the options are a physical USB drive or twitter which is kind of funny


you caaaan upload them to facebook and have it default post them with the privacy setting where only you can see them and grab them that way

which is more or less trouble than a usb, depending


Sitting on 500K, like a third of the way through 2.3. Looking like a true tank beask right now, but with delightful hair.



god i’m so glad i’m not the only enormous lady out there


I started this character on a Starter Edition, or else I might have been a dragon boy/dragon girl, but other than that option, Giant Buff Super Warrior Lady was and always will be my jam.


i main DRG but when it was like ‘also you have to be a huge axe lady to do this’ i was like ‘yeah orrite twist my arm’


That seems like a reasonable enough route, yes.

I think I am going to go with MCH has my DPS class when I get around to it, and that is gonna be fun to be a giant buff gungal.


seems like enormous ladies might be over-represented on sb



You say this like over-representation of our giant lasses is a problem.


I’m a giant lady too! It’s the way to go. Well, that and tiny cute dude seem to be where it’s at. I want to resub soon but MK11 is taking up so much of my time that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it right now


I want to pursue the continuing adventures of Onan Webinar even more now that I know he’ll have a bunch of giantesses towering over him


Brazzers logo in every screenshot


We got your back, l’il buddy.


Square, let my giant tank give piggyback rides to tiny DPS/healers now, you cowards.


This is Swarbryda Keimwyn, huge lass


i use a usb drive tbh