Final Fantasy XIV


oh shiiiat!


I’m back on Malboro, leveling and getting through story content. I am trying to remember where I am at and how to play after not being on for a month and a half. I will transfer to Faerie at some point later


I’m stealing this wonderful name


So realistically, how much are the Dans going to need to buy our headquarters? I can start chipping into the team bank account, but I was curious.

Also I am near the end of the original story and this game is still so lovely. I am so glad glamour’s are a thing though because some of the armor for the warrior is not great.


tfw, call me,


i sort of think sonford and i are gonna cover the price of land and initial housing (lol) but after that i think there might be a price for individual rooms and the team workshop, i don’t really have any idea what that’s gonna look like



That’s cool. I’m already up to 300K so I can chip in whatever.


So we hit rank 6, and I am midway through 2.2, so things are going well.

Also I have like almost 500K right now, because late game money ends up being like any other FF game and you just have a ton of it around if you don’t have anything to invest it in.


I tried pvp frontline through the duty finder and I had no idea what was happening and got overwhelmed very fast as a paladin


yeah i got enough cash on hand to buy our plot, too, but sniping a rare open spot is a huge nightmare it turns out


Yeah I imagine. How much worse would it be to convince someone to sell to us? Is that even an option?


this is hilarious



yeah once a plot becomes empty there’s a random timer until it actually becomes purchasable, specifically to stop people from hoarding land and selling for profit i guess


Yeah, I guess that is why that is there, but damn, that is annoying.

I can probably throw a bunch of cash in the Free Company bank account so you all can draw on that too. Like near as I can tell, I am not going to need about 300K that I have any time soon, and I keep making more doing story quests, so.

I am betting that is a drop in the bucket, but still.


yeah by the time i hit 70 i had enough cash to buy a bunch of ilevel 380 gear to get started on the endgame

got burned out after mainlining it when the twitch freebie first hit but kinda fancy jumping back in soon


discord room for us so i don’t have to plug a keyboard into my ps4

come hang fourteen


hell yeah fourteen


so close to resubbing


i can maybe toss some gil y’all’s way? probably a better use than feeding my horrible market board fashion addiction lol



Fashion is queen/king/everything.