Final Fantasy XIV


I donwloaded the Starter version to my ps4 last night, so I probably have to make a new character to play using that, but I am OK with this as I have no idea how to play any more and the PS4 controls will take some getting used to.

So Gunglemess Cheevos or whatever will be a thing soon.


So yeah, Gunglemess Cheevos is on Faerie, running as a marauder now.


Also I like playing this game from my couch, but man it feels weird with a controller, though I am already getting used to it.


Conveniently enough, the full complete game is 30 bucks on PSN this weekend so I am just biting the bullet on that.

I am a ways off (I hit level 9 last night) but do we have a free company or whatever? Does it need any crafting/gathering in particular?


yeah me and sonford and co. started one up, i’ll invite you next time i see you on (this goes for everybody also obv)

it’s just five of us rn though, not helpful if what you want out of a fc is 50 people you can ask to do dungeons or whatever! we’re just looking forward to struggling to buy a house together someday

idk about crafting and stuff, a bunch of us have stuff leveled but not meaningfully past 50 other than miner/botanist and i think goldsmith and weaver


I mean, since I am always all about Tank life, I will probably do like mining and metal shits for the non-fighting, but I also might eventually pick up a DPS class because why not.

Also, I am hard debating if it is worth trying to recover my old account so I could have my old character on a different world or not. I would then need to restart the character on faerie, and also pay for the first month sub, so probably not.


it is free world transfer right now, at least


Yeah, the one friend who I used to play with is thinking of reactivating, so if he does, I could probably convince him to come join us on faerie.


come to cactuar, we got



i cancelled my sub last week buttttttt…


Only for EU peeps though


It’s available on the American store if you go there as well, but you gotta put NA instead of EU in the address.


Hey, that’s great. I don’t like region locking things


As someone sort of partially interested in maybe giving FFXIV a try some time, am I right in deducing that while free is very generous of them you only actually save money on this if you’re planning to only play up to the Heavensward content and then stop? Since Stormblood is only sold with Heavensward included anyway with no reduced price if you already own one of them?


Yeah, I guess it’s not so much a money saving thing as it’s a pay money way later thing?

I don’t know if Shadowbringers will include all previous expansions, so you might only have to buy that, then


i think preordering shadowbringers gives you everything but heavensward & stormblood won’t unlock until shadowbringers hits early access, which is kinda weird


It’s a “first taste is free” sort of thing. If you get through the Heavensward content and decide you want to see what happens next you’ll have to pony up the dough.


ok cool let’s do this




@eskaibo was very kind to me this day

I’m Marrow Diver on Faerie, playing CNJ, will heal 4 fond attention hmu