Final Fantasy XIV


it’s ok i can bear it as long as i get my five and a half levels for a single dungeon on duty roulette plus bonus for being a masochist

preferred servers are great

the success of this game is owed to these things in order : catgirls, dragon girls, unbelievably painless leveling


I find tanking low stress so far. I played DPS in WoW and decided to switch things up. Maybe it is because early tanking is relatively simply. The same blade combo over and over with some shouting and the occasional shield toss.


i was playing BLM/SUM DPS because i found it low stress and v aesthetic and i was good at it ^^

anyway. i deleted ._. capped every job and there’s no way i can afford a sub rn and it just seemed like… traipsing around a pretty world is fun enough but not so much alone


so i’ve been playing a bit here and there on faerie and i love the server so far! should i just go ahead and join some other fc and we can figure out whether we’re just going to hang out in a linkshell later on, if we manage to all get together…? just wondering if any in particular would be recommended! i’m being invited to various companies every time i log in and it’d be nice to settle in with a group of cool folks.


yeah we should just make a linkshell, i don’t think there’s enough of us active atm to form an FC

i was in Rainbow Brigade for a while, they’re generally friendly and as they’re huge they tend to always have FC buffs running


linkshell is a great idea!

i just joined orange pekoe which has been a good experience so far. they don’t use voice chat so the in-game chat is quite lively which i like.


just used this, ta


just a heads up for anyone considering preordering shadowbringers: the earring you get as a reward is really worth it if you’re inclined to level alt jobs. 30% bonus exp all the way to level 70!


Yeah I’ll definitely get that!

They released a new trailer some days ago

That’s some good ass entertainment


hey me and some buds started playing this last couple weeks with our old characters over on goblin server, but there’s a free transfer period after today’s maintenance or something-- what’s the sbest server? is it faerie still or am i making that up?

not that i expect it’s super active around now or anything but i’d like to get in place before shdwbrngrs


i am still playing and still on faerie, though in a vastly different time zone than most


i think faerie might just be the sb-ish server because i keep hollering about it but yeah i play there & i think @zone does too. @lofia has an alt there i think?

also yeah it’s definitely the pre-expansion lull so i’m not on super often but if y’all want a dps or healer hmu i have paladin at 50 too but i’m an awful tank lol


I also transferred to faerie


we can now world visit, and see each other! lmk if y’all ever wanna do stuff. i’m a dps/healer as well.


i do think world visits are still constricted to data centers?

anyway me and my buds did it and are all on faerie now, even got to run some housing scams and make like a mil and a half off it (lol)

i’m just at the start of heavensward and the rest of us are a little further behind. though basically this game rules? and i’m pretty hype to get into the current stuff, whenever the hell that happens

im tank


yeah i’m on faerie pretty randomly (still haven’t found a new fc), but when i am i’m mostly going bard – i also heal w/ astro and i have a summoner at ~60. def hmu if you happen to catch me! i feel like this might be a cool server to hang out on, especially once shadowbringers is out.


just realized we have a google sheet with relevant info, of which mine was super outdated!

let’s get in here so we can find each other!


Man, that is making me want to get back in now, yet again, and I have no time for this. Gigglemesh Cheevos will return.


worth noting there’s a 7-day free period for returning players going on right now, and you can get the FFXV car for the next month…


damn, pity i’m on the eu datacenter, will probably be back on this when shadowbringers is out

i got a cool horse