Final Fantasy XIV


don’t care what anyone says, this is the best gear set in the game


wow this name. i can’t believe you’ve done this


we finally got to heavensward, the stretch at the end of arr is brutal

what’s the best way to play around with and level up alt classes? palace of the dead?


POTD is helpful for learning how jobs work at 60 (it has its own levelling system, you’ll be lv60 by the time you reach floor 50-ish even if that job is lv30 outside of POTD.) its the quickest way to level DPS since you usually don’t have to wait for a party match and gear doesn’t matter. healers & tanks are better off queuing for the highest level dungeon they can since they’ll get a match immediately & regular dungeons near your level give better exp.

you can level tank & healer in POTD as well, but as it’s designed so even 4 DPS can handle it you won’t do a ton of actual tanking or healing until the really high floors. fine for levelling, not ideal for learning how the job actually works


I’ll add to that that I can’t get far soloing POTD because I keep dying to stuff so it’s useless for me for leveling. You kinda have to know what you’re doing. But yeah I play a tank, so…


just matchmake into a party honestly. Since the place is balanced for a party of 4 healers all played by idiots, Nobody’s gonna give you grief in potd unless they’re hyyyyyyyper insecure.


When POTD came out I had too much social anxiety to play with anyone. Then I forgot about it. Now I feel a bit better so I might do that.


money for a sub hasn’t come through yet and i think i’ve maxed out every class i can bear to play at this point ._.

i want 2 play w/ frens .______.


oh yeah POTD soloing is just a personal challenge thing, i totally forgot about that. definitely matchmake for levelling. most folks are on autopilot and won’t grouse at you unless you’re trying to open every chest when they’re all speedrunning it


I’m level 33 with my gladiator and I am not even at the story point where I can get paladin yet. I’m not even doing every quest and am leveling up so fast on this preferred server


if you’re over 30, you should be able to unlock your Job right away?


this is the future liberals want


there is a main story quest prerequisite, but it’s only level 20, so it should already be done

unless you really are leveling that gottam fast


i’ve consistently been ~10 levels higher than my place in the msq on a preferred server

and i wouldn’t have it any other way


man back in fresh 2.0, the climb from 40 to 50 was B R U T A L

now what with all those hats and earrings and whatnot that boost your XP gain, plus the preferred-server boost, it must be comparatively breezy

Still, you’d think MMOs would learn to smooth out the old level-cap hill a little more whenever they raise the cap.


I haven’t fought Ramuh yet and I just did but it looks like the job quests unlocked but I haven’t gotten a prompt or anything so I will check out Uldah to see if I can progress


you’ll need to do your class quests up to 30 as well but yea you should be far enough in the main story to get it done!


Should be fine, I am 33 in gladiator and did all the class quests up to and including 30


the specific quest you’re looking for is Sylph-Management

i actually really like playing paladin (betraying the darkness uih) and the idea of tanking (scratch me with your claws, set me on fire, hit me w/ your car etc) but tanking in PUGs scares the shit out of me? like i am mortified of doing a bad job. I’ve been getting less player commendations lately and it’s embarrassingly eating at my general confidence level


Commendations seem hella random to me, so I’d relax about that. But I get you, I have anxieties about these things too