Final Fantasy XIV


yeah faerie seems good. btw we should start up a free company maybe? i’m speed leveling my alt atm, she’s at lvl 11 so it’ll be a while before i can do grand company/free company stuff on my own


i’m gonna sub this weekend and join faerie, i can’t join an FC on the free trial. someone sent me a cute invite today and it was too much


i can probably set up an FC? i’ve got the gil to spare. i’ll just need 3 of y’all online at once (you need a minimum of 4 members to start


sounds good! also i forgot they’re doing maintenance tonight so it’s probably not the best time but i’m sure we can get something set up soon! if you would like me to pay for half the 15k or smth i’d be happy to~

also i should probably mention that if ppl are already part of an fc then a linkshell would honestly be just as good


i apparently have to have been out of my current FC for 24h before starting one so it’s not the worst timing lol

and i appreciate it but i have like 200k, it’s nbd


:star_struck::confetti_ball::money_mouth_face::money_with_wings::moneybag::money_with_wings::money_mouth_face::star_struck::stars: CASH MONEY


lol some rando gave me 100k when i was like lv20 and i’ve just been selling all the random tank gear the story showers you with


I think a Linkshell would be best until there are enough people/money for an FC with consistent buffs and a house since those are the biggest perks for FCs, especially for newer players.

A club house would be pretty rad…





when ff14 getting a saga crossover event


well i’d already left the FC i was in before y’all suggested a linkshell instead so uhhh hit up Noelle Rainteau on faerie if you wanna sign this petition. i need 3 of y’all


i’m Sheal Gray on malboro. saturday!


assuming we can get on at the same time, i’m down to join!


I’m Flynn Makintosh on Malboro. I’m a gladiator at level 29 and haven’t really leveled anything else. So if you need a tank, I am your person.


whattup let’s hang i have a BLM at 35 and a BRD at 31 and working on a ninja before i decide to commit either way

need 2 decide what kinda lesbian im being


wait, are we all converging on Faerie now

guess it’s time to reroll. or re-up my main account. one of the two.


Nice, I am just getting the point where I can pick my grand company. Trying to get through MSQ as quickly as I can and get paladin.



def one of my fave glams in the game, stuck to it for a long time