Final Fantasy XIV


the only real different things abt my hud is i put the enemy list on the right of my hotbar and i have a goofy “extra buttons” thing on the left side of the screen so i can keep an eye on cool-downs and use items if i need to although it’s kinda messy right now and tbh i never really look at it to keep an eye on cool-downs at all


it could just be my server, its maybe the only online game i’ve played where a large majority of people i’ve talked to are really nice & really gay

aesthetics and good community management go a long way in shaping a player base


And maybe aim to be the 2nd or 3rd most popular game, so you can keep the lights on but avoid the community poison that inevitably comes from megascale


hey y’all! i have a cross-world private party up in Party Finder right now. name is selectbutton, password is 5858. join whenever and i’ll try to figure out how this linkshell thing works lol. i’m making dinner right now too so if i’m slow to respond that’s why! also i think i just need you to pop by so you’re in my recent players list, so no worries about sticking around!

@lofia @BLUE_BLACK_PURPLE @cask @LWJoestar @zone @eskaibo


PF is down now & only a couple folks came thru. maybe another time will be better?

why is the social user experience in this game so bad lol


Aw shit, I missed it. I just woke up. It’s 6:45 am… So yeah, another time?


Same here, I crashed last night at about 9pm. I’ll keep an eye on the thread next time I’m logged in and say Hi if the timing is right!


I kind of want to play this again but cash is tight and I don’t remember where I stopped in the basegame. I am still dicking around in WoW but I have no one to play with and it seems like FF14 would be a fun way to play games with people. If I get back into it next week, I will ask about servers and such.


if we can figure out how to get everyone invited to a cross-world linkshell that’d own!

@physical did you make one? it seems weird, like… you can only invite people if they’re already friends or by literally clicking on them in-world? so i guess we’ve gotta get some cross-world parties going just to set up the linkshell (for those of us on other servers)? haha


yeah you have to set one up with people you’ve “met” and it expires if only 2 people are left in it for 24hrs. i didn’t create one since i didn’t wanna run into that (i think there’s a limit to how frequently you can make one?)


i’ve been playing this for the last few days, on one of the 200% experience servers so i’m just shy of level 30 already

haven’t touched an mmo for 15 years so fuck me this is breezy



is it a bad idea to take the starter edition key I got with twitch prime and make a new account and just play for free for a month




i’ve been drowning myself in the free trial

this is one of my deep depression games i guess. for an MMO it sure is breezy. i could see this being really rewarding with actual friends to play with.


What server do most SB people play on? Tempted to play the free trial on a new account


Cactuar here. We have a YouTuber (he’s pretty funny)


we’re scattered everywhere ;_; i play on faerie because (at least judging from the size of the larger free companies (what xiv calls player clans)) queer folks or allies are the majority of the population. any server is probably ok but i’d avoid gilgamesh, it’s the unofficial reddit server & r/ffxiv is a toilet.


also i started playing scholar recently and i think i actually love healing?? your pet handles most minor healing and leaves you to DPS and deal with shielding before big hits come or reacting to big hits you didn’t anticipate. it feels nice and breezy compared to healing with astrologian where you’re constantly having to distribute buffs to people, keep regens on the tank, and doing a bunch of card RNG manipulation to fish for the like 2 actually useful buff cards while still DPSing

plus you get to dress like a fashionable librarian & gesture wildly while reading a big book


i started up with a few pals on zodiark eu and honestly everyone we’ve played with so far has been really friendly and helpful, thanks @physical for selling me on this

looking more final fantasy after two weeks


i’ll happily hop over to faerie when i finally buy this game o.o

i want to play an astrologian and be nurturing and wear a pretty long dress but i’m probably doomed to play a black mage forever. those numbers. those leylines.