Final Fantasy XIV


should i really not buy expansions until i finish the main quest?

like i realize ive been posting in here for years and havent, but i really cant handle the relative isolation and i’m not entirely sure where to go back. i’ve just got my dragoon class and im roughly level 37 or something


there’s literally no point unless you wanna make the most of all the lv. 50 quests at the end of ARR (which is valid), apart from the level cap you can’t do anything with the new content until you clear the main story to that point


@GlamGrimfire To clarify that (and I hope I’m right here, correct me if I’m wrong): at the end of the A Realm Reborn storyline, the base game so to say, there are a couple of quests at level 50 (sort of a post game type deal between ARR and Heavensward) and if you don’t have Heavensward then you don’t get any xp from them because you’re at the level cap. If you have Heavensward though (now Stormblood actually because you can’t buy Heavensward anymore) then your level cap is higher and you get the xp. But Heavensward itself only starts after these level 50 quests are done

So maybe wait until you’re level 49 and then buy the expansion?


i think the only reason to pick up the expansions early is if you want to play red mage or samurai once you hit 50 (they’re in ARR hub cities, only require finishing a lv 50 quest to unlock, and start at 50.) the HW jobs (dark knight, machinist, and astrologian) require finishing ARR & the stuff between ARR & HW. really wish they’d fix that.

both of those jobs are hella fun even without all their skills so it’s an entirely valid reason! i main red mage tho so i might be biased


i bought everything early, even do this 2.x quests, i think i’ve gained maybe 4 levels so far? i think i just finished the 2.1 run of stuff, i really need to read up and remember the storyline.


I resubbed and it now downloaded the updates. I see the big green “Play” button again. What have I done


guess who’s kicking herself now btw

that’s right it’s this bitch


I did the exact same thing. Solidarity!!


I guess now’s a good time to play because the couple of months until the next expansion is enough time to get burnt out and recovering again in time for the new stuff


Got all my mining gear up to snuff and will do some mining! Also dyed my battle gear so it looks decent (pink of course) because I just checked and won’t get new gear in a while through story quests so that’s something. Cleaned up my inventory. All of that took me over an hour and I didn’t even “play” in that time. Lol because of MMOs being a massive time sink and such


I really wish I could convince all my old IRL friends to come back to this game with me, but then I remember its been almost 3 years since they probably even last thought about this game and close to a decade since our real MMO heyday. I honestly wonder how long I’ll chase the feeling of sitting around a college apartment with Little Ceasars and beers and playing MMOs with an apartment full of friends.


I hope you’ll have that feeling again. Maybe with the next online FF game. Although I wonder if they’ll even bother to make another one seeing how MMOs are pretty out of vogue nowadays.

But there’s a chance that your friends would like to get back to FFXIV too. I mean almost everyone itt plays with that idea every now and then so why not also your friends. They might have seen the Stormbringers news and gotten the itch again, who knows.

I’d like to play with people too but I’ve no experience with that in MMOs. And on sb everyone is on a different server… So I’ll probably never get to do that


Thanks BBP, I think the new xpac is going to introduce cross-server play so lets definitely run some dungeons when it drops.

I got back in touch with one of my old DPS buddies to see if he’d want to pay this when the new xpac dropped. The good news is that he went to resub for games tonight! Also, he realized he’d never unsubbed… 30 months of subs without having played a single minute of the game. Good news is he now has enough days subbed for the Cloud Strife glamour!


When your lot in life is to yell at monsters and get beat up in front of your friends… it leaves my poor dude with some feels


lol that’s wild! Gotta thank him for financing the game all these years I guess.

Oh for sure, if cross server play comes its going to be wild! Would love to play


This game is still so gorgeous.

And that’s a cool dude


there’s cross world partying for instanced stuff already, the new expansion is adding the ability to travel to other worlds and hang out in non-instanced areas

i thiiiink we could set up a SB cross world linkshell (a private group DM + friends list) but we’d need whoever is setting it up to organize a party w/ all of us at the same time since you (inexplicably) can’t add people to your friends list if you’re not both online & haven’t met in game

if there’s interest i don’t mind trying to organize it!


Niiice! It’s 7 am here and I’ll be online in like two hours. Then I’ll be on for most of the day because I’m crazy. Just let me know. @ me or DM me so I get an email


oh my god i hate this

i came so close to grabbing it

but i was like ‘nah nothing’ll happen between now and the new expansion, save yr dosh’


yeah as i posted previously i’ve gone back and forth on starting this for years but

the starter edition is free with twitch prime at the moment, so i guess now is the time