FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam!


Some of the mechanics here makes me wonder if Riot will ever do anything interesting with the Rising Thunder devs.


Nice graphics. I wish Samurai Shodown looked like that.


SamSho look bootiful maybe you are bad and wrong.

You are badong.

I have noticed that depending on the video SamSho can look more or less muddy. Must be the compression. With the veneer of brush strokes over everything I can imagine it looks much, much better in person with crispness rather than online videos which blur the effects all together. SNK has actually been real good about getting their games to look very clear and crisp in a way other fighters have not. Playing KOF14 for the first time was like taking off my glasses and playing with laser eye surgery.


Its not about youtube compression. its about the visual style. it looks garrish and unpolished, to me.

At least in KOF14, the visuals mostly look like they are meant to be together. Its still a bummer that KOF went from maybe the most beautiful fighter, to generic Japanese 3D.

This isn’t necessarily a complaint about 2D Vs. 3D, either.

Samsho is some weird cross between Street Fighter V (which took a couple of revisions to get the visuals ‘right’ and I’m still not in love there, either) and certain early 2000’s arcade games. And I don’t think it works. But, the game itself seems cool. So, I’m looking forward to it.

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I think even SFIV looks better than the new SamSho… I feel like they really screwed up there, especially if you look at the old SamShow and how much more subtle it was, not garish like the new one

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(volume warning) daigo is having fun with hitbox

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Daigo playing Thracia 776 is the greatest thing


watching climax of night 2018 UNIST top 8

starting to think the main thing i look for in a main is audio clips that are enjoyable when repeated endlessly
eltnum’s thing she says when she’s firing her gun for example
if you’re gonna be repeating these moves times a million you better not hate the voice actor


here’s how I pick a main:

is the character Blanka?

  • yes: main
  • no: :wastebasket:
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Don’t talk to Blanka players. Do not make eye contact or shake their hands.


You sound like someone who likes to eat meaty crossups

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I liked Chocoblanka at the Samurai Shodown gameplay reveal a month ago where she said she wanted to pick a cute character and so she sits down and chooses Earthquake.


I love how you can hear him breathe through the pain :crazy_face:


Re: SamSho graphics, I realized that one of the most offputting things to me is that god-awful player name font and life bar. They’re so cheap and boring looking!

In the recent character trailers (like the most recent one below), I noticed myself thinking “hey, these graphics don’t look as bad as I remember my earlier impressions being”… and then I put it together that the trailers don’t show the life bars/character names!

Game looks like I’ll dig it though, and I am all in on the idea of week 1 buyers getting the Season Pass for free.


An 8 character pre-release version character auction tournament for SamSho 2019 got an $800+ pot



does anyone in here know the specs of SamSho? i can’t seem to find anything reliable via Google. i.e. - does it run in 4k HDR on XB1X? is it 1080p cross platform?

because while i know i would have more people to play with on PS4, i’m also a total sucker for pretty-looking graphics.

so i really don’t know which way i want to go. maybe…both… :open_mouth:


what are this threads opinions on the official ps4 stick?


I haven’t seen any technical details. Maybe hit them up on Twitter or something.

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Which one is the official one? I think there a pretty decent number that are officially licensed.

I have a MayFlash F500 that I cobbled together that does OK! I think the only sticks I’ve heard bad things about are the Razer, and any of the mini sticks.