FGC##201Xrd Reload[st] - Now on Steam!


Yeah my mouse does it. It changes color to match characters on character select and flashes red whenever someone get hit.


kind of want to spend an hour learning about how generic the RGB LED APIs are now even though I will use a logitech wireless mouse and keyboard combo I bought three of at costco in 2012 forever


Don’t know generic they all are, but nothing supports my, uh, I forgot my brand keyboard, but Aurora adds cross compatibility for a few brands. Logitech, Razr, Corsair



This is actually just people making jokes about how PS4 has SharePlay, a feature that lets someone over the internet play as P2 on your system. So every has de facto online play but it’s not real online play, not the quality you’d want for a fighting game. But it’s something!

That said, you can replicate the SharePlay experience with things like Nvidia’s Gamestream Co-Op, which works the same way. So you will probably be able to get input-laggy VF5 on PC someday too. A console accurate experience.


ban girl ranma
this is good


Yeah it is


Also check out the 4 man Saint Seiya tournament that was won by the tournament organizer. I didn’t watch much of it but the Fate Unlimited Codes tourney was probably good.

KSB always has a good variety of dead games so a lot of it is probably worth checking.


A new Granblue VS character, the roster choices are much more intriguing than I’d have expected at first.


how to play mortal kombat 11’s tower of time gimmick mode



Oh good yes, that’s exactly right. If you don’t have the right items to counter some of that bullshit you’re just shit out of luck


I was linked to a good primer on fighting games the other day


Good channel despite the name!


This was the video I needed 10 years ago so I could understand what the rest of the FGC was talking about and never had a good way of explaining.


Yeah that channel is great, check out some of their other videos


New patch. Notes from the Steam page:

Hello all,
Below are the patch notes for today’s PC patch! Thanks!
• Character Tower requirements have been reduced
• Certain modifiers have been adjusted
• Fatality count for head spikes have been decreased
• Soul Rewards have been adjusted
• Fixed an issue where Steam Achievements would not unlock in certain cases
• Cinematics will now display correctly on 21:9 displays
• Fixed an instance where players would still not be rewarded the Ensorcelled Eye of the Dragon appropriately in the Krypt
• Fixed an issue where opening chests in the Krypt caused drops in FPS
• Several issues with NVIDIA Ansel and NVIDIA Highlights have been fixed.
• General localization update
• Fixed several instances where a player’s name would be displayed incorrectly
• Fixed several instances where buttons would be displayed incorrectly
• Minor input fixes for keyboard/mouse controls


I hate the graphics and I hate the tone of this video. But…the game seems like it might be pretty cool?


step into the rage cage and drain your rage gauge

I always watched these videos embedded and was torn on the look. Now that I went fullscreen I have to say that the graphics are indeed total garbo


Here’s a pretty good break down of how it plays. yeah, I’m interested. It seemed like a slower paced fighter to me. Not depending on crazy combos and blowout meter supers.


thirding the “Core-A Gaming is good” takes
is nice to see one of the youtubers that uses “standard youtuber format” (bland royalty free dance music, unrelated clips, voiceover using bigger words than necessary) for good